Popularly known as the knockout man, Roberts is ready for his next bout.
In this sport, being crowned as a champion is a big honor that every fighter aspires for. There are very few fighters who have achieved the privilege of getting to the top by defeating their opponents without losing a single match. The Armenian machine David Roberts has proved to be the best of the best in the ring by dominating his competition in the Celtic Gladiator.
A champion’s journey is genuinely inspirational; due to the recent developments where the world came to a standstill, the MMA industry halted its workings, throwing fighters off business. All the professional MMA promotional events lined up for the past many months had to be called off due to the pandemic’s onset. The year 2020 was indeed a tough one for every professional, as their entire training schedule went for a toss, affecting their fitness levels at their highest peak before the pandemic hit the globe. With things settling down slowly, many athletes are eyeing to make a comeback, including our MMA top gun David Roberts.
The sensational fighter remains undefeated and is anxiously awaiting his comeback in 2021. The last recorded flight in which Roberts participated was on 4th October 2019, which many remember, for he had knocked out his opponent in the first round itself within a mere 23 seconds, which was remarkable in all senses. “I want to get back into the ring at the earliest, as I want to remind everyone around that I deserve to be on top, and I know I can defeat anybody who steps into the ring with me,” claims Roberts.
Roberts stands at 3-0 in his professional boxing matches and 4-0 in his MMA matches and has yet to be bruised in his first seven outings, which is phenomenal. According to many expert analysts, his fighting techniques backed by immense strength make him “the next big thing.” It would be interesting to see if Roberts continues to fight in local professional MMA promotions or will Bellator MMA pick him up for his debut. Only time will tell; till then, it’s a wait and watches for all!

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