Professional Football Striker And Winger: Mohamed Ismail Jasem Alhosani As An Olympic Nationals Qualifier

It takes a lot of effort for a person to be one of the top scorers in one of the best teams that are also the national teams. Mohamed Ismail Jasem Alhosani Has actually dreamed since he was a young child in 2012. His coach Jamel Al Hasni managed to recognise the true potential of the young boy and made him practise harder so that he could get better in his game. Let us have a look at his journey to becoming one of the top scorers.

The very first achievements was being in the championship League and winning the championship title after he got with the youth team for Cup Asia. Before that, he played with all Wahda UA club and UA U20 youth team. This was the beginning of professional offers, which expanded and soon he was making his way towards the UAE national team. 2012 was his first year of playing for the League an it was against one of the best teams, that is, Al Nasr Club. He was one of the best players and this was also one of his most important matches where he scored his very first goals in his entire football career. Soon after that throughout the year he played a total of 560 minutes scoring three goals.

The next years followed and do he did get a few red cards in the year 2014, 2013, 2016, there was no denying of the fact that he got in the League along with his team Al Jazeera in 2014, was the youngest top most scorer in 2017, second top scorer in 2016, and a hattrick scorer along with being the top one too in 2015. It was his decision to move on from his previous team that is Al Jazeera and soon be a part of the Khorfakkanf Club. 2016 was a relaxing and yet intense year for him because he dedicated himself to a very strict routine and difficult training where he practised more on the things that he was lacking, polished the skills that he already had.

Mohamed Ismail Jasem Alhosanis given the name of offensive rock. This was way back when he was 15 years old. Tt can be rightfully said that from 2015 he started playing like a professional in actuality. The 21 year old states about his most admired and proud moment, which was scoring the goal against kalba club. Since the opposing team had scored none, he made the only goal an won the match. A lot more to achieve in the future, Alhosani has had a very wonderful football career. There’s a lot to see in the future too.