Saudi Arabia’s GP is on after the threat of F1 driver boycott is over

After an intense day when the Houthi armed political movement (also known as Houthi) launched a missile attack on an oil facility near the Jeddah track during the first free exercise, the fate of the race remained late on Friday in the driver’s discomfort. About the situation.

During the lengthy discussion, which lasted more than four hours, the drivers expressed their concerns by talking to senior F1 individuals and the team head.

First, F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali and F1 Motorsport Managing Director Ross Braun were called to the drivers’ meeting, after which the team’s headmaster was asked to attend. The team boss then held further follow-up discussions with Domenicali, while the drivers continued their discussion, which lasted until 2.20am.

And while the drivers chose not to compete because they were unhappy with the situation, well-informed sources in the discussion say their concerns were finally resolved.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

Unprecedented discussions took place with the drivers after Dominicli assured the team boss about the security guarantee at the Jeddah location. He said he was happy to continue the F1 race because of the assurances given by Saudi officials.

“We are fully convinced that, for the country, security is paramount, whatever the circumstances – security must be guaranteed,” he said. “They [the local authorities] are here with their families, actually on track, so they have set up all the mechanisms to protect the area, the city and the places we are going.

“So we feel confident and we have to trust the local authorities in that regard. So of course we will move on to the program. “