On offense local battery charge , Former NFL QB Ryan Leaf captured

Former NFL quarterback Ryan Leaf was captured on an offense household battery charge in Palm Desert, California, on Friday. Leaf was captured around 2 p.m. nearby time and is being held at the Larry D. Smith Correctional Facility in Banning, California, on $5,000 bail, as indicated by the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department. Leaf is booked to […]

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Why England, and not India, will Win the Cricket World Cup 2019

Nobody can predict the future – no one can say for sure which team will lift the ICC World Cup trophy on 14th of July 2019. However, often, past patterns and current reality is used to make predictions and analysis about the future, and going by that, it is highly likely that India will not […]

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MS Dhoni’s Angry Reaction: Players Also Have a Freedom of Expression

MS Dhoni, the epitome of calmness under pressure, stormed to the field from the dugout when confusion arose due to a no-ball. Although Dhoni drew flak from former international players, and also received a subsequent 50% fine on his match fee, an important question needs some debating – do players have a freedom of expression […]