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Come Back Of Indian Wolverine, Ronnie Joshi aka logan

From winning a lot of International titles to completely vanish, Its not that easy.

Mr Universe Pro Rahul Joshi aka Logan who make all India proud again and again has completely vanish from the market from past year, But nowadays we can see his post trending all over again from his new social media accounts @RahulJoshiFitnesss

According to reports social media account of Youngest athlete of India got hacked some time ago at several lakh of followers and he had face a lot of problems from this. He loose contact whith large no. of audience who are like family to him on his previous account. But now he make new account and guess what there is a big surprise for you all there. Last month he is blessed with a baby boy name Ryan. You can see the baby photos on his social media account @ryan.joshi.logan,

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Parag Chariya, gives true inspiration and major career goals to all young musicians

Indian Music is rich in variety and vast in genre. From classical Indian music to bollywood numbers, every genre reminds people of the flavor of India. Indian musicians have already marked their names across the globe. Parag Chariya is one such huge music fan of India who believes in preserving regional music and promotes local musicians around the world. He left his government job to become a producer and introduce new artists in his state. Parag has supported many young musicians to engrave their names in the folk music genre in Gujarat.

Parag Chariya has finished his B.Sc.B.Ed; however, always was inclined towards contributing his share in the music industry. He opened his studio named Studio Shri Shakti to promote folk music and singers across Gujarat. From producing videos to directing them, he has launched multiple folk singers. Performers including Jignesh Kaviraj, Rakesh Barot, Sairam Dave, Alpa Patel, Shital Thakor, Bhoomi Panchal, Nitin Barot, Hemant Joshi, Vijay Vaja and Kavita Mandera amongst many others have worked with him. He has supported these artists to grow their presence in the folk music culture. Parag has been organizing shows for many artists on Navratri.

Talking about his life, Parag says, ‘My birth, childhood and upbringing was all in a farming family. As a child, I was passionate about education as well as music. I have been listening to Gujarati folk music since childhood and I had many other unique hobbies. My father was a teacher in a government secondary school and hence he insisted me to focus on my further studies. But my life was connected with music so I left my government job and went ahead in music and started my career as a producer. Fortunately, by the grace of God I achieved success and love from people.’

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Muhammad Adil Mirza: A passionate healthcare entrepreneur scaling new heights of success in UAE.

Founder and CEO of Phoenix group of companies in Dubai, Muhammad Adil Mirza is igniting many possibilities within the healthcare domain.

The current golden era of generation has seen tremendous amounts of talented individuals and firms which have flourished and helped in development of the society and economy at large. Today the advent of social media along with the technological know how of many industries have changed the face of human race. There is no industry left in our world that has not got the hang of cutting new technology, new product initiatives and many other development aspects that have contributed for better living of the human beings. Healthcare industry is one of those domains which have leap forwarded to generation of many new products and surgicals developments that have helped many millions of patients. Medical science has improved a lot over so many decades, it gives new life and hope to many patients. Healthcare domain is at the forefront of our evolution and the entire medical fraternity is one great gift from god to mankind. And so, have been many such firms and entrepreneurs who make a sincere effort to serve not only the patients in many ways but also ease the life of doctors and para medical staff. The distributors of medical supplies and surgicals are somewhat unsung heroes of the healthcare domain. Let’s read about one entrepreneur whose sincere efforts have helped many hospitals, doctors, and patient at large- Muhammad Adil Mirza.

With his sheer passion and interest in the field medical science, Muhammad Adil Mirza has quickly become one of well-known professionals throughout UAE for his esteemed work practices and delivering fascinating results. His sheer hard work and determination to excel in his work has propelled him to garner much recognition and also many others awards and accolades. He is the founder and owner of Phoenix group of Companies based out of Dubai who are healthcare channel partners providing many essential medical services and products to different healthcare clients. Muhammad Adil Mirza initially joined his family business and worked with his elder brother for supply of pharmaceuticals and surgical disposables to different hospitals across Karachi. During this time, Muhammad Adil Mirza learned in-depth of working of this sector and further developed his skills and expertise to excel at the highest level. After tasting initial success throughout Pakistan and post pursuing his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, he decided to make amends and start his own venture in UAE and other CIS countries.

Today this flourishing entrepreneur has implemented the usage of best technology products which have been A grade for the usage of patients and reached new ladders of success. He has launched 5 different ventures under his belt to cater to different verticals of the healthcare domain. The phoenix group of companies have many other different core segmental companies under it like Allmed FZCO, Phoenix Medicines LLC, Avenue 80 Marketing and Management LLC, Future Mattress & Furniture Factory LLC. All of these companies work for the welfare and betterment of the patients through supply and service of medical products across UAE and CIS countries like Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Georgia, and Azerbaijan.

They have many different departments within the company that take care of Sales, Marketing, Training & Development, Education, Servicing and much more. We wish Muhammad Adil Mirza all the very best in continuing his proficient work of bringing about a positive change in patients’ life.

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Young musician Hemant Joshi is all in to set a record with his upcoming project of ‘Hanuman Chalisa’

Hemant Joshi is a well-known performer in the Gujarati Industry. He has launched his project with T-series in the past and has performed across the globe including in Africa where he was given the title of the ‘half blood prince’ for his outstanding performance. He wishes to be a part of the Bollywood music industry as a playback singer. His interest has also led him to practice western classical alongside Indian classical.

Hemant has just finished his upcoming project and all in to set a record of the world’s fastest Hanuman Chalisa. The former record was a bit more than 3 minutes and keeping that in mind this will be interesting to see his attempt and the time he takes. He has been working hard to get this done. Loads of practice and then an immense amount of dedication has finally landed him to attempt the record-breaking project.

From giving playback to the Gujarati music industry to being a terrific performer on stage makes him an inspiration for many youngsters who are planning to pressure music in their career. He has been practicing music since his childhood and belongs to a musical family. He had always wanted to present something interesting for his audiences and here it is a great attempt; however, yet to see if it is a successful attempt. This project will be soon uploaded on YouTube to everyone to also experience the auspicious attempt.

Hemant exclusively mentioned, ‘I am glad that I am finally doing this and uploading it fits everyone to experience. Also, I hope that this could land directly into the heart of my audiences. I have put a lot of effort into practicing and finally getting it recorded for everyone. I would like to thank my friend who is more than a brother – Parag Chariya for all the support. This release is a special one for me and would request everyone to listen to it once it is up online.’

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No One Can You Stop To Achieve Your Goal: Rico Torres

The record of Rico Torres is an ideal explanation of the verbalization “from grass to style.” Rico went through an unforgiving time growing up, and various in his condition would have deserted their dreams.

As opposed to by far most of his allies, Rico made plans to vanquish his limitations and be of exceptional help to the world. While his mother was at this point pregnant with him, his people moved from Columbia in South America to the United States. While in the United States, Rico granted a little space to two of his kinfolk. As a young person, Rico encountered a dietary issue that left him with abnormally low body weight.

He furthermore had asthma as an energetic young person. Rico came from a home that wasn’t the ideal one for a youth to live in. He related that there was persistently yelling and forcefulness practically reliably in their home. Rico on occasion believed him to be a kid due to the possibility of his father’s work. His people were secluded while he was at this point in auxiliary school. People tortured him due to his body size, and he also experienced disquiet and debilitation. Rico was a setback of clinical carelessness and almost kicked the pail from a fly ski incident that compelled him to get a facial generation operation. All these were adequate to make anyone lose certainty for the duration of regular daily existence and leave to whatever life brings his course.

Suddenly, Rico Torres chose to remain chose and focused on making unprecedented things out of life. Today, Rico is a multi-proficient character in Hollywood, an astonishing performer, and model. He has had a powerful showing employment and capacities as a representation for specific brands like JC Penny, Target, Forever 21, and Adidas.  He moreover appeared in various attachments like the SuperBowl LIV BayCare Commercial. Today, Rico has crushed his dietary issue and as of now likes a staggering body shape.  Next to his spearheading achievements, Rico is a dedicated lobbyist. He has gone on three particular mission trips to Ecuador, Peru, and Nicaragua. He intended to help common organizations in getting to fundamental clinical consideration, incredible schools, and sanitization during those outings.

To know more you can can even visit the website

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Giuliano ‘Twich’ Lopes – Getting to know the multi-faceted personality

The world of photography and art is highly competitive. However, if one sticks to their original self, then a lot can be achieved. Time and again success stories of artists have proven that to be successful it is important to keep reinventing oneself.

Lopes is a multi faceted personality. In a day he wears many hats. From singer to photographer to videographer Lopes has many sides to explore. As the co-owner of the company FeriBoyz, Lopes brings his creative skills and mixes them with business acumen.

‘Sick of This ft. Kross’ is Lopes’ single which is being talked about a lot. It has had a wonderful response from the world of music. Lopes has an experience of working with big artists. He’s worked with some very popular artists like Kymani Marley and Trent Shelton.

Giuliano ‘Twich’ Lopes is excited about his maiden single ‘Sick of this’. He has been promoting the song regularly on Social media. His fans are also reaching out to him in large numbers via his website and Instagram. His handle is @twich_dsm.

Lopes was raised on the island of St. Eustatius which is in Caribbean Netherlands. His mother created a healthy growing environment in the Netherlands. As far as social media goes, Lopes is receiving praises for his latest song.

That said, a lot of fans are also commenting about his other skills. The journey of Lopes is a torchbearer of the fact that artists can explore different skills and still be relevant.

You can connect with Giuliano ‘Twich’ Lopes on the following links:

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Making people reach the skies with his mentorship and coaching is Juan C Reynoso, helping them become multimillionaires.

Juan C Reynoso is currently the CEO of Crypto World Advisors in America, educating entrepreneurs and promoting crypto payment systems.

It is said that the more we explore new things and learn about the changing trends of the business world, the more we become clever and resilient as business owners and professionals. Amidst all this, it sometimes becomes very important to learn from the experts and understand things that can make us more confident in doing business. The digital world has been one that has so far seen the maximum evolution and development and more and more people are now resorting to the digital world for taking care of their financial needs. Capitalizing on the same is a renowned entrepreneur named Juan C Reynoso, who has made it his aim to make professionals understand the importance of the digital world and the digital financial products and help them realize the wealth they can make through the same.

Juan C Reynoso is a certified coach from the John C Maxwell Institute and is currently the CEO of Crypto World Advisors in the US. Crypto World Advisors is an American firm under Juan C Reynoso’s leadership, which consults business owners, educates and promotes crypto payment systems, and advises them on managing the digital assets in their financial portfolio.

This business gentleman has been in the entrepreneurial world for more than 30 years and has even worked as a corporate sales executive for more than 24 years in America. He has a specialization of financial products for all entrepreneurs coming from different sectors. As a successful sales manager, he has created high-performance sales teams as well that made a great income for both themselves and their firms. Juan C Reynoso is also the General Manager of Omegapro and the OMP network of companies worldwide.

It has been his passion and dedication which has helped him become a highly talented and successful entrepreneur, digital asset and a financial expert, who works with the mission to educate professionals imparting the right knowledge and insights and helping them turn into multimillionaires. After giving five years in the digital world, Juan C Reynoso has been educating consultants of the US, Latin America, Asia and Europe. Combining the art of professional sales and digital financial products has made him a sought-after mentor and coach.

Whether it is about cryptocurrencies, forex, digital banks or exchanges, Juan C Reynoso is confident that all these things are here to stay and provide professionals with multiple opportunities to grow and achieve their definition of success. Juan C Reynoso takes inspiration from Jesus Christ and with his leadership skills, help develop new professionals, bringing a value proposition that can transform their lives completely.

To follow him and learn more about him, follow him on Instagram @juanreynosofficial.

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“Music is my passion and my life. I couldn’t live without it.” Dutch DJ Donny Duardo on his life-altering journey as Disc Jockey

Perseverance always finds its way to success and 24year old, Donny Duardo’s story brings this aspect of life into limelight.

With over millions of streams and views, it’s been a roller coaster ride for Donny Duardo.

He has created a huge wave of fandom and admiration through his unique style of music. He brings in a fresh party vibe that entices the audience.
When Donny Duardo came out with his compositions from his production house, Amsterdam and Savage, it instantly caught everyone’s attention.
This gave this a boost of confidence and it was the time for his talent to shine brighter.

He believes in sharpening his skills constantly and trusts the process of self improvement.Donny Duardo is someone who is open to constructive criticism and channels them in perfecting his art.

He has been able to achieve success only through his individuality and tenacity.

Passion needs the right direction to get converted into a profession and Donny Duardo has just done it the right way.

One day, he hopes to perform in the world’s biggest clubs like Pacha and Ushuaia. His fans can envision Donny playing at major music festivals like Valhalla, Mysteryland and Haarlem’s Bevrijdingspop.

This is soon come true given his record and amazing work.
As viewers and fans, We can wish him all the luck as his fans’ love can surely make him win a Gold record in the near future.

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“It is a great time to start an online shopping business,” Says e-Commerce Expert Cory Muroff

If you have an interest in the e-commerce field, now is the time to start. Consumers have spent $601.75 billion on online products in 2019 alone, and the number of online sales is projected to increase as the pandemic continues. Cory Muroff is an expert in the industry, and here, he wants to share what its future looks like.

Muroff has formed many e-commerce businesses since his start in the industry in 2011. He is the COO of Cry Baby, which sells women’s clothing and accessories, and is on the board for charitable clothing brand Ivory Ella. “It is estimated that the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the growth of e-commerce by four to six years,” Muroff said. “That means that more people have been shopping online than ever. If you want to get a piece of that pie, you should act fast.” One of the trends that he predicts that will break out in 2021 is creating unique customer experiences. “Your website can look different to every customer if you know what they’re looking for. This customization makes it more likely that people will buy.” While most people used to shop using their laptops or computers, e-commerce sites now need to be optimized for mobile devices. By the end of 2021, it’s estimated that 73% of e-commerce sales will take place on smartphones. “You can’t ignore that part of the market. Technology is moving forward, and your brand needs to as well.” Lastly, if you’re looking for a way to keep your customers long-term, it looks like subscription services will be trendy in 2021. “You get to charge your customer’s credit card every month and really build a relationship with them. That’s a dream come true for many entrepreneurs.”

As for the future of the industry, Muroff thinks it will just keep getting better and better. “Shopping online is our future as a society. People want unique products as soon as they see them, and they don’t want to drive to a store for that. As more people become comfortable with shopping online, the growth will just continue.” In addition, it doesn’t help if your business doesn’t do any good for the world. “Ivory Ella is very exciting because of the charity work it does. You need to have something that you’re excited about in your e-commerce business.”

There’s no better time than the present to break into the e-commerce industry. With advice from experts like Cory Muroff, the future of your e-commerce business looks bright.

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Pavel Sheff, a worldwide whole ambassador for Schwarzkopf professional inside Russia, says most creating a blond hair color to its quantity accentuates the belongings over its owner could be a real project for a professional. He is aware of properly what he’s speaking about. He has an eye fixed for color or knows the looks methods perfectly as a result of advance or necessary he is an internationally acclaimed colorist.

He became the preceding Russian winner on the American hairdressing competition #OneShotHairAwards by , and no longer entirely the audience was gained on through his work. This prize is an oscar amongst stylers. A Fame hairstylist nevertheless an Instagram celebrity of the wonder industry, Pavel Sheff is aware of a way to build hair flawlessly blonde and holds that as wholesome and strong as his relationships together with the clients.

he’s a widespread specialist of the latter because of the actual fact to stay a correct stylist needs being glorious at psychology, too, so he will feel as hair color and magnificence are impeccably applicable for the client.

Another Pavel Sheff’s undeniable merit is his gentle approach to hair care. “I am absolutely demanding when such comes after deciding on hair coloring products. It is crucially important to me as the consequences of my job are clear and predictable previously and fully satisfying for my clients. I only utilize coloring merchandise of my favorite Schwarzkopf Professional brand which execute help achieve the favored shade and at the same time do even enhance the condition of the hair compared to what it used to be as earlier than the coloring,” says Sheff.

Yet some other major resolution of Pavel Sheff’s work is the collaboration with the Tangle Teezer global brand – the producer of the most popular hairbrushes in the world. Sean Palfrey, the founder of the brand, has visited Pavel in his beauty studio in Moscow to get personally acquainted. Shortly after a limited-edition collection of Pavel Sheff’s hairbrushes in collaboration with Tangle Teezer has been released.

Pavel Sheff has now over a million fans following his Instagram page and is presently the only hairdresser in Russia to have such an enormous audience. Yandex provides greater than three bags of search results for Pavel Sheff, and there are more than 1 million to be found on Google. Besides that, you can learn about his profession or lifestyles in the Russian Wikipedia.

Pavel is very active on his Instagram account where he shares expert advice with unfailing regularity. But seeing that Pavel genuinely cares for his audience, he uploads a lot concerning humorous content material about hair then its owners as well – these posts instantly go viral and come to be extremely famous including the audience.

Pavel Sheff’s journey from a regular hairdresser in a baby town in conformity with a nationwide famous celebrity stylist then-owner regarding his beauty studio in Moscow took just over 12 years. It is hard to tell if that is a little or a lot because every quadrant has been essential and fascinating, yet Pavel has in no way seemed lower back and wanted to change one aspect of his life. “Everything takes place exactly the way it should”, he says, “and all in good time”. Pavel clearly has no plans to give up on what has been accomplished and he is bound to reach new heights and acquire great success in his future.Pavel took part in a marathon of master classes organized by Henkel Beauty Care Professional, as was identified by the Guinness Book of World Records as “The longest master class in hairdressing, held live online