Zain Kheraj: The American businessman you don’t want to miss knowing about

Kheraj swears by working hard day and night for profitable results.

Imagine a youngster who always knew what he wanted from life and had decided since the beginning that entrepreneurship is all that he wants to pursue in life? Well, nowadays it is very common to know that young people do not hesitate in taking the first step towards achieving their goals in life and moreover they do not fear the failing in the process all through. This is why we see many youngsters making a mark in various industries. Zain Kheraj from Atlanta, Georgia is also amongst this list because what he believed, he achieved.

Kheraj as a child had realized the sacrifices his parents made in terms of money and time, and he always thought that he would do something in life that would make not only his parents proud, but also the community as a whole. Hence, he knew from the start that he cannot be tied to only one job if he wants to grow and be successful as an entrepreneur.

As Kheraj did his major in finance from the University of Georgia, he was drawn towards the field of consulting. In 2016, he started his career with Berkshire Hathaway and after working for them for almost three years, left the company, to go all out for his interests and hobbies. Even after working with a company that offered him a great salary, he decided to part ways with them all because of the dream to become a businessman.

Since always, Kheraj was a huge sports fan and even knew that when it came to gambling in sports, there were many handicappers in the industry who only resorted to scams and only showed what they wanted people to see. After having being scammed many times, he and his brother decided to start their own service in the industry of sports gambling and offer services as a sports consulting firm.

This gave rise to a company called Trustmysystem, which is today has reached a stage where it is known as one of the best in all of America when it comes to consultation in sports gambling. His company is all about magnificent customer service, 100% transparency and also the most affordable packages in the field.

There’s one thing that Kheraj firmly believes in and that is he wants people to not focus on what others have to say about them and focus on only one thing to keep engaging in activities that would make them earn more money. He urges aspiring entrepreneurs to be a problem solver instead of getting discouraged by the outside environment.

Amongst the many things that Kheraj goes by in life when it comes to success, one of the things that he says, “Success to me is knowing that I put in 100 percent of my time to use daily.” This is how he works each day and comes out as a winner in his business.

This 28 year old businessman is already the CFO of Trustmysystem and is looking out for many other varied ways he can grow his other small businesses and real estate as well.