11 year old Jaaydan Johnson is making a name for himself

Today we wanna highlight the work and achievements of 11 year old Jaadyn Johnson, born April 4 in Louisville Ky. Jaadyn is a  6th grade basketball phenomenon out of St James Academy. Jaadyn a left handed Point guard for team 9 RONDO ELITE has the ability to shoot a three pointer from long range, known to […]


Vivek Sethia is all Set to Revolutionize How Sports are Perceived in India with his new venture, Bs with Vs | Interview with Vivek Sethia

Vivek Sethia, a renowned name in the Indian sports niche, is all set to launch his new venture “BS with VS” and aims to revolutionize the way sports are perceived, discussed, and viewed by fans across the country. With an incredible passion for sports and budding sportsmen, here’s the man who has made sport not […]

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Rapper Real Smokesta Admits Skipping Music During Football Season, But Why?

For many years professional football much like basketball and baseball is a sport that people from all over the world come together to watch and cheer for their favorite teams. The sport of football for some is just a hobby but true football fans see the sport as their peace, their time with fellow game […]


National player Sanket Thakur

National player Sanket Damu Thakur. Sanket Thakur is a famous wrestler from Maharashtra. He lives in Pune, Maharashtra. He loved wrestling since childhood and his father and grandfather were also wrestlers. He has won medals in several state level competitions and is also a National Medalist. In this year’s Maharashtra Kesari Test, he has also […]


Zacariah 100 Releases His Epic Music Video – “Dallas Starz”

“Keeping it 100” is a phrased often used into today’s society. It is a phrase that speaks to the basic fundamentals of being a decent human being, also defined as simply being honest and telling the truth. Zacariah 100 adopted this nickname as a rap artist to remind people that he is one of those artists that has […]


Eneily “Nelly” Rodriguez, an exceptional, soon to be Pro talent deep in the heart of Texas

Meet Eneily Rodriguez, the 22 year old from Fresno, Texas creating quite the stir on Thee University of St.Thomas court. From a young age the principles of hard work and commitment were instilled in her by her parents, who she very grateful admitted have been a huge part of her success. Now apprenticing under J. […]


An Interview with top houstonian shoe store SoleFood, the “UberEats” of Sneakers

Tell us about the real you, The part of you that you wish people knew but don’t:  Preme grew up in southwest, alief, TX. In 1998, Gerald Latsonbegan sneaker collections. Continuing to collect until he amassed over $1.1 million in sneaker value from 98’ to 2002. Preme saw sneakers as it’s on economy and escape […]


Even the president trusts Ecoplant

Millions of plants have been sold and planted in dozens of Russian cities. Ecoplant trees adorn the residences of the President of the Russian Federation, the most luxurious cottage villages, and gorgeous city parks. Why do the largest brands trust Ecoplant?   When the Ecoplant plant nursery was created more than twenty years ago, its […]



Article written by: DOPE JOURNALIST Prepare to be amazed! The upcoming Chicago artist XTORMY has been turning heads since the release of the new EP “EGOSIM”. This young man is on a mission to make his mark in the industry, and he has already begun. The triple threat singer has came a long way, and he […]