This week on Next Up, a national round up of the countries greatest athletes, we’re featuring Dontrell Morrison from Houston, Tx. Similar to the talent shown by Tyrique Hill or Deandre Hopkins this Texan Wide Receiver upstart has caught the attention of coaches and fans aike. Playing for Semi-Pro TUFA league team The Texas Colts, Dontrell rocks a special kick return that does a guaranteed 40 yards every time.

Coming from Alief, not even 5 miles from where this particular journalist lives, Dontrell rose above the cultural trap set for so many by his dedication to sports and music. Not unlike so many other greats it feels as if once again iron has sharpened iron. I think it would be good sense for any coach or organization to pick Mr. Morrison on their next recruiting spell. 

As a testament to his strength of Will and Tenacity as an athlete, in late 2019 young Morrison participated in the Semi-Pro Super Bowl. With a recent gunshot wound suffered protecting his family from a home invader, Dontrell Was awarded the MVP of the game. WIth his team and trophy in hand, that night he limped off field proud, and determined to conquer whatever came next.

You can find Dontrell Morrison on IG @LaceeTrell