With his ingenuity and inventiveness, Kheraj knows how to monetize businesses.

Some people take years to only realize their true calling, out of these only a few dare to choose a stream of their choice. Some others in this world already know what their true calling is and so from a very naive age, they prep for it to make a career in the same. Farhaz Kheraj is also one of those gentlemen who knew even as a child that it was only and only entrepreneurship for him. Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia and born on July 18, 1994, Kheraj’s life story has always been interesting and unique for people to know and take inspiration from.

Kheraj chose industries that could give him umpteen opportunities which he can use to the maximum and become successful. As a teenager at only 16, he used to deal in iPhones where he bought, unlocked and even flipped them to earn side earnings out of it on Craigslist. To chase his dreams and his passion, Kheraj never stopped working at any age. Hence, soon after completing his graduation from the University of Georgia getting a major in Management Information Systems, he got a job at Deloitte Consulting in 2018. And, later decided to leave the company to start his expedition as a businessman.

Having a love for sports since childhood and after knowing many handicappers who only engaged in scam activities, he decided to initiate his own sports consulting firm that is based on transparency, excellent customer services and economical packages in the industry. This outstanding firm is named TrustMySystem, where Kheraj serves as the founder and CEO.

Kheraj knows that many new up and comers in any field are aware of the process that can make their businesses profitable; however, even after knowing it they do not follow the order of “dream, plan, execute.” They only dream and stop at that, fearing about how would they plan and how would they execute what they have planned. The biggest challenge is overcoming this fear and going all out to not only dream but also focus on planning and then executing the ideas as only through this one can get nearer to success, believes Kheraj.

However, Kheraj also points out that time and effort both go hand in hand, and both would be required to make a successful career as an entrepreneur, hence; one must also have the right amount of patience to slowly and steadily reach their goals in life.

Lastly, he suggests that all entrepreneurs whether newcomers or experienced must always keep trying newer things in life and explore as much as possible to open windows of successful outcomes.

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