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Young musician Hemant Joshi is all in to set a record with his upcoming project of ‘Hanuman Chalisa’

Hemant Joshi is a well-known performer in the Gujarati Industry. He has launched his project with T-series in the past and has performed across the globe including in Africa where he was given the title of the ‘half blood prince’ for his outstanding performance. He wishes to be a part of the Bollywood music industry as a playback singer. His interest has also led him to practice western classical alongside Indian classical.

Hemant has just finished his upcoming project and all in to set a record of the world’s fastest Hanuman Chalisa. The former record was a bit more than 3 minutes and keeping that in mind this will be interesting to see his attempt and the time he takes. He has been working hard to get this done. Loads of practice and then an immense amount of dedication has finally landed him to attempt the record-breaking project.

From giving playback to the Gujarati music industry to being a terrific performer on stage makes him an inspiration for many youngsters who are planning to pressure music in their career. He has been practicing music since his childhood and belongs to a musical family. He had always wanted to present something interesting for his audiences and here it is a great attempt; however, yet to see if it is a successful attempt. This project will be soon uploaded on YouTube to everyone to also experience the auspicious attempt.

Hemant exclusively mentioned, ‘I am glad that I am finally doing this and uploading it fits everyone to experience. Also, I hope that this could land directly into the heart of my audiences. I have put a lot of effort into practicing and finally getting it recorded for everyone. I would like to thank my friend who is more than a brother – Parag Chariya for all the support. This release is a special one for me and would request everyone to listen to it once it is up online.’