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Muhammad Adil Mirza: A passionate healthcare entrepreneur scaling new heights of success in UAE.

Founder and CEO of Phoenix group of companies in Dubai, Muhammad Adil Mirza is igniting many possibilities within the healthcare domain.

The current golden era of generation has seen tremendous amounts of talented individuals and firms which have flourished and helped in development of the society and economy at large. Today the advent of social media along with the technological know how of many industries have changed the face of human race. There is no industry left in our world that has not got the hang of cutting new technology, new product initiatives and many other development aspects that have contributed for better living of the human beings. Healthcare industry is one of those domains which have leap forwarded to generation of many new products and surgicals developments that have helped many millions of patients. Medical science has improved a lot over so many decades, it gives new life and hope to many patients. Healthcare domain is at the forefront of our evolution and the entire medical fraternity is one great gift from god to mankind. And so, have been many such firms and entrepreneurs who make a sincere effort to serve not only the patients in many ways but also ease the life of doctors and para medical staff. The distributors of medical supplies and surgicals are somewhat unsung heroes of the healthcare domain. Let’s read about one entrepreneur whose sincere efforts have helped many hospitals, doctors, and patient at large- Muhammad Adil Mirza.

With his sheer passion and interest in the field medical science, Muhammad Adil Mirza has quickly become one of well-known professionals throughout UAE for his esteemed work practices and delivering fascinating results. His sheer hard work and determination to excel in his work has propelled him to garner much recognition and also many others awards and accolades. He is the founder and owner of Phoenix group of Companies based out of Dubai who are healthcare channel partners providing many essential medical services and products to different healthcare clients. Muhammad Adil Mirza initially joined his family business and worked with his elder brother for supply of pharmaceuticals and surgical disposables to different hospitals across Karachi. During this time, Muhammad Adil Mirza learned in-depth of working of this sector and further developed his skills and expertise to excel at the highest level. After tasting initial success throughout Pakistan and post pursuing his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, he decided to make amends and start his own venture in UAE and other CIS countries.

Today this flourishing entrepreneur has implemented the usage of best technology products which have been A grade for the usage of patients and reached new ladders of success. He has launched 5 different ventures under his belt to cater to different verticals of the healthcare domain. The phoenix group of companies have many other different core segmental companies under it like Allmed FZCO, Phoenix Medicines LLC, Avenue 80 Marketing and Management LLC, Future Mattress & Furniture Factory LLC. All of these companies work for the welfare and betterment of the patients through supply and service of medical products across UAE and CIS countries like Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Georgia, and Azerbaijan.

They have many different departments within the company that take care of Sales, Marketing, Training & Development, Education, Servicing and much more. We wish Muhammad Adil Mirza all the very best in continuing his proficient work of bringing about a positive change in patients’ life.