WhatsApp always come with new exciting features. Recently WhatsApp launched a new feature where you will choose who can add you to groups. Without your permission people added you to the group. You are a member of so many WhatsApp groups without your approval. It is so irritating and irrelevant. It gives headache. You don’t want to join groups but you added by someone. I know you want to get rid from that problem. You need peace and relaxation. To resolve your problem i am going to share you How to use WhatsApp group privacy feature to choose who can add you to groups. 

You have already searched how to get a solution not to join groups automatically. But unfortunately you don’t get results. Because whatsapp had no such type of feature to avoid that problem. But now it is a very good news for you. Anyone can’t add you without your permission. Whatsapp is giving you a new feature to avoid it. You can easily choose your privacy settings to ignore such problems. Now in whatsapp setting it is a good option for you. Your friends or any third parties cannot add you to any group. Globally this feature is available in whatsapp. Whatsapp users can take the advantage of this feature. 

WhatsApp group is a platform where hundreds of people can connect to each other. We enjoyed a lot in group. Group chatting is always interesting and different. It gives unforgettable memories. But sometimes it creates problems. You got so many forwarded messages which are same in all groups. From the morning to evening you got good morning and good night message. It is very boring and irritating. So you don’t want to join more groups. It creates junk. You want to join specific whatsapp group link. You don’t need to be a part of hundreds group to take tension and headaches. But friends every problem has a solution. Whatsapp seeks solutions for the problem. Now you can choose who can add you to groups. Let’s have the solution.

How to Use Whatsapp Feature Who Can Add You to groups 

In whatsapp it is a new feature. Many people don’t about this feature. It is recently launched. You can easily get it in whatsapp setting. Basically in a new section for groups it is available in whatsapp privacy. For this you have to update your whatsapp app. Otherwise you can not get the feature in old whatsapp version. Here i want to share you the procedure how to do that. How can you get this option and how to use it. Let’s start it. 

  1. -Update your whatsapp to latest versions. 
  • -Open your whatsapp and click on three doted icon from top right corner. 
  • -Now you are in whatsapp setting. Here you can see ” Accounts” options. Select that option for next. 
  • -It will show you some options. Click on ”Privacy”. 
  • -Just scroll down your page. You will see your desired options ”Groups”. Click on there 
  • -Now you will get options who can add you to groups. Here it will show you three options Everyone, My contact, Nobody. 
  • -Select one of them in your choice. 


     If you select ‘everyone’ option this allows everyone to add you in group. Anyone can add you to groups without your approval. Unsaved numbers can also have chance to add you to groups. 

My Contact 

      If you are selecting the option ”My Contacts” this will only allow your contacts list people to add you in group. That means those who are known to you, saved in your contacts list can add you. 


     In this option Nobody can add you to groups without your permission. It is the best option for you. Anyone can’t add you to groups without your approval. 

Admin who are unable to add you to groups can send you invitations links personally. This needs your approval to add in group. The invitation links expires in three days. 


WhatsApp has so many attractive features. It is the most popular instant messaging app ever. Whatsapp always comes with new features. Recently it provides you another feature to control who can add you to groups. Now you are free from getting added to any groups by anyone. It is most amazing feature for whatsapp users. Undoubtedly you will will get happiness from this feature. Now no one have right to add you to groups without your permission. 

Just follow the steps given above. You have to go through Settings >Accounts >Privacy >Groups. But one thing you have update your whatsapp to latest version. If you are satisfied with my post How to use WhatsApp group privacy feature to choose who can add you to groups please give your valuable opinions and experience with us. Thank you..

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