Houston’s quarterback circumstance stays unsure, and the Texans may search outside for more assistance in the coming months.

The Texans could seek after the administrations of veteran sign guest Alex Smith if Deshaun Watson isn’t in the group this fall, NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero detailed Friday. Watson presently faces 21 common claims charging obscene lead and rape during rub meetings, and he mentioned an exchange from the group prior this offseason.

Smith has a set of experiences with current Texans lead trainer David Culley from their time together in Kansas City, and with the circumstance in regards to Watson a long way from settled, head supervisor Nick Caserio could seek after extra alternatives at the situation with the desire for making rivalry, per Pelissero. Veteran Tyrod Taylor joined the Texans this offseason, and acquiring Smith would allow the last to go after a beginning position, a job Smith accepts he can in any case satisfy.

A potential matching would bring Smith’s winding profession way almost round trip, as he endured his huge leg injury in 2018 of every a game against the Texans.

“If Watson is not a member of the Texans this fall, whether it is via a trade, a suspension or he simply doesn’t show up because he still does not want to be in Houston, the Texans did sign another veteran quarterback, Tyrod Taylor, but don’t rule out the possibility that Houston also could pursue signing Alex Smith,” Pelissero covered NFL NOW.

“This would be a contingency plan of sorts for the Texans, in addition to having Tyrod Taylor,” Pelissero added. “Look at what Nick Caserio has done at other positions. He wants competition on that roster. It’s too soon to say right now whether there’s any chance that Watson could be in a Houston uniform because again he has made clear publicly he does not intend to go back (to) the Texans. In terms of what plays out, again, with serious allegations, through civil suits, what would potentially play out through an NFL investigation which remains ongoing, all that remains to be seen. But those answers may be hard to come by in the less-than-four weeks we still have here prior to the NFL draft.”

With Watson’s future status obscure, Houston has gotten and keeps on accepting calls in regards to a potential exchange including Watson, Pelissero added, however as Watson faces genuine charges, a choice on his future probably won’t come soon.

Every one of the 21 of the protests against Watson have been documented in Harris County, Texas, and every one of the offended parties are addressed by Houston legal advisor Tony Buzbee.

Watson’s lawyer, Rusty Hardin, delivered an explanation Wednesday that incorporates marked proclamations from 18 ladies, who are proficient back rub advisors and have worked with Watson, on the side of the Texans quarterback.

Specialists have declined to remark on the claims. The NFL is exploring the charges against Watson.

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