Tennessee Titans stay flawless notwithstanding the absence of training

The Tennessee Titans figured out how to beat the Buffalo Bills on Tuesday in a skirmish of undefeated teams, notwithstanding various impediments put in their way after the NFL’s first COVID-19 flare-up.

The Titans’ 42-16 win over the Bills came after they had just three practices in 16 days. Head coach Mike Vrabel kept up his confidence in the players, despite the fact that the situation was anything but favorable for them.

“I’m never going to question this football team. I’m never going to question the effort,” Vrabel said. “I’m never going to go into a game questioning how we’re going to do. I expect us to win and play with great effort.”

Not having the option to rehearse for about fourteen days might have been a hindrance, yet it was certifiably not a major factor for the Titans, who got back to their facility Saturday after the building was closed down Sept. 29. The Titans had three days of walk-through practices to prepare for Buffalo, however they wouldn’t blame the absence of training time.

Tennessee confronted a great deal of investigation subsequent to having 24 players and team personnel members test positive for COVID-19 since Sep. 24. The NFL/NFLPA even launched an examination that finished up recently. The entirety of the misfortune appeared to bring the Titans closer, permitting them to lift up each other while so much pessimism was being coordinated their direction.

“You don’t all of a sudden galvanize when things are bad,” Vrabel said. “I think that’s a testament to the players and what we’ve tried to build here. You don’t always say, ‘Oh, there’s a s—storm. We better galvanize.’ You stay tight throughout, and you hope that the fundamentals and your core beliefs and core values take over when things get difficult.”

The success over the Bills gives the Titans a 4-0 record for the second time in establishment history, with the other being the point at which they began with 10 straight triumphs in 2008. The group completed 13-3 that season. Tennessee is one of just two undefeated teams in the AFC. (The Pittsburgh Steelers additionally are 4-0.)

The Titans got a few players back in an ideal opportunity for Tuesday’s game, yet they were without beginning receivers Corey Davis and Adam Humphries. Regardless of having just four wideouts active for the game, quarterback Ryan Tannehill discovered approaches to cause the passing game to go.

Tannehill got done with 21 completions on 28 attempts for 195 yards and three touchdowns, all of which came against the blitz. The regularly saved Tannehill was amped up for the success and thought it was an announcement game.

“What this team and organization has been through the past couple of weeks, to fight through it and shake it off, limited practice, limited reps, that makes a statement,” Tannehill said. “We got a lot of heat. I didn’t understand why we were under so much heat. Personal things were said against our team and our guys that were uncalled for. We were ticked off about how we were treated and looked at. We wanted to come out, play our game and do what we knew we could do. This team always plays with a chip on our shoulder. We’re excited about where we are at, being 4-0.”

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