J.J. Watt reveals that he left Texans because he knew how bad they would be

The defensive end of Riz Rizona Cardinals J.J. Watt hasn’t looked back since leaving the Houston Texans in the off-season, and it’s not hard to understand why. The 6-0 Cardinals are the last unbeaten team in the NFL this season, with 1-5 Texans … well, you do the math. As the Cardinals and Texans face […]


Texans could seek after QB Alex Smith if Deshaun Watson isn’t in group in fall

Houston’s quarterback circumstance stays unsure, and the Texans may search outside for more assistance in the coming months. The Texans could seek after the administrations of veteran sign guest Alex Smith if Deshaun Watson isn’t in the group this fall, NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero detailed Friday. Watson presently faces 21 common claims charging obscene lead […]


Deshaun Watson apparently uncovers hierarchy of group he needs Texans to exchange him to

Watson purportedly has his sights set on the AFC East Each NFL group who could be needing another quarterback has their eyes on the circumstance in Houston this offseason after it has been accounted for that Deshaun Watson could be searching for a difference in landscape. The Pro Bowl signal-guest needed to look as his […]