ROHIT NAIR : Bodybuilding is not fitness

Bodybuilding is not fitness,Upto some extent all of bodybuilding is an illusion . Tiny joints , cartoonish muscles and extremely low body fat . Bodybuilders are lifting weights not to develop functional strength but to increase the size of their muscles. They will develop strength along the way, but it’s only a side effect of […]

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Moroccan fitness model and personal trainer Mourad Ouhnaoui helps others achieve their fitness goals.

Moroccan fitness model and personal trainer Mourad Ouhnaoui has gained thousands of fans online thanks to his nutrition, supplementation, and training advice. His passion lies in helping others achieve their fitness goals, so he makes sure to publish a new motivational post once per week where he shares his thoughts on staying on track and […]

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The advantages of yoga for women’s physical and emotional health

People frequently talk about how yoga has transformed their lives. It is said to have a wealth of advantages for both the mind and body. What, though, is yoga? Does it truly offer that many advantages? Let’s explore! People choose various fitness regimens when it comes to having a well-rounded physical experience. Many of them […]


Zach Zane Is Ready To Take On Upcoming Challenges Head-On at UFC

Zach Zane is a prolific MMA professional, who is known for his fiery moves at matches. Zach Zane believes himself to be a true warrior who has a fire in his belly and rage in his eyes to march ahead demolishing anyone who comes on his way.  “I belong to a family of warriors. I […]


Manish Kashyap: Will Bodybuilding events ever be successful in Himachal?

Manish Kashyap, founder of GYM13 and WFF president from North India has been trying his level best to promote fitness among the young generation. He has been grinding since 2016 to boost the fitness scene all over in North India. He has conducted a number of events in Himachal. His efforts have been rewarded and […]


What sets Dany Martin Paul apart from other fitness experts and influencers in today’s world?

If the last two years have made people realise anything, it is the importance of being physically as well as mentally fit. Now, more than ever, it is necessary for people to take care of their fitness and for those who don’t know where to get started, fitness trainer Dany Martin Paul provides guidance. Dany […]


Vaibhav M Warrier: The Story of 23 Year Old Fitness Trainer From Thrisshur

A decade ago, going to the gym was considered a waste of time by the older generation. It was believed that if you buy and drink the protein shake or powder, you’ll ruin your health and burn off your cash. Around a decade ago, children and youth claimed that yoga could not help them keep […]