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Moroccan fitness model and personal trainer Mourad Ouhnaoui helps others achieve their fitness goals.

Moroccan fitness model and personal trainer Mourad Ouhnaoui has gained thousands of fans online thanks to his nutrition, supplementation, and training advice. His passion lies in helping others achieve their fitness goals, so he makes sure to publish a new motivational post once per week where he shares his thoughts on staying on track and reaching your health, fitness, and bodybuilding goals!

About him

MORAD OUHNAOUI is a Moroccan fitness model and personal trainer who resides and works in QATAR. His work lies in helping others with his training, nutrition, and supplementation advice and publishing online posts to motivate people to start working on their goals. However, MOURAD was not an appropriate role model for fitness at one point. As a child, he was skinny and underweight. It all happened the day MOURAD woke up and realized he wasn’t proud of the person he had become.

What is his most outstanding achievement?

At 16, He didn’t know what a gym looked like. All He had in mind was soccer until the day He decided to become another person. He started training and working hard for years before he became known as one of the most famous Moroccan models. My most outstanding achievement is that I was able to turn my life around and create a new story for myself where everything is possible, said Mourad. He always dreamed about being healthy, fit and muscular. After achieving his goal, he wanted to help other people live the same experience by becoming a personal trainer and nutritionist for those who want to get into shape.

Why does he want to help others?

Mourad became a Fitness Model because he wanted to make a difference in people’s lives. I wanted to change someone’s life, give them hope, or make them feel confident about themselves, says Mourad. Mourad also has an Instagram account where he shares motivational messages with his followers. Some of the messages include Every day. We can make a choice that will either lead us closer to our goal or push us further away.

He posts daily tips on how to get started on working towards your fitness goals, and what motivates him every day is seeing how his work inspires other people. His main objective is to provide healthy life to others by making it easier for them to achieve their goals through exercise, dieting, and supplementation. To help those struggling with depression, he tells them the journey might be challenging, but they need to keep going.

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