Manish Kashyap: Will Bodybuilding events ever be successful in Himachal?

Manish Kashyap, founder of GYM13 and WFF president from North India has been trying his level best to promote fitness among the young generation. He has been grinding since 2016 to boost the fitness scene all over in North India. He has conducted a number of events in Himachal. His efforts have been rewarded and there has even a tremendous amount of improvement in the social fitness scene in Himachal. There has been a consistent active number of participation in these events. Even girls have started to take active initiative. In the year 2018, Ms and Mr. Himachal event was organized by Manish Kashyap which had the youth fitness icon Sahil khan as it’s guest for the event. The event was conducted at Gaiety theatre Shimla. More than 200 participants actively took part in the event.

Manish Kashyap has been fighting against all the odds. He has faced much criticism inspite of such great efforts. Manish says”A disturbing thing which has started to happen in the events is the questioning of the criteria of judgement from the judge itself which is really unprofessional. The artists pose a threat to the judge and have started creating chaos in the events, people also tend to offer bribe and win the competition by unfair means which is really disheartening.”

However this won’t stop Manish from making further efforts and spreading the fitness awareness to a larger scale. He is trying his best to keep the criticism out of his head and work more on the progressive side. He is planning to conduct a grand event in Chandigarh this time and affirms that it too will be a great success.