A pharmacist unlike any other – christopher kebreau

Christopher Kebreau a doctor of pharmacy looks like a typical pharmacist when he wears his white coat. However when he is out of the pharmacy you get to see the real fitness beast that he is.

Since 16 years old he developed a huge passion for fitness and now he’s one of the most versatile athlete. This human life Goku does Power lifting, Bodybuilding, Calisthenics, Yoga and even recently started Acrobatics.

His mission is to inspire others to do whatever they set their mind to and to break taboos such as “heavyweight athletes can’t control their own bodyweight”. He uses his social media @pharmathlete on Instagram to share his journey and tips to become the best version of yourself.

When you follow his journey it literally feels like an adventure because he doesn’t just share the highs but the lows as well. This is what makes this super athletic pharmacist so authentic. You get to see the grind behind all of his new physical and mental achievements.

Many wonder how does he manage to do all his daily activities (work, family, girlfriend, training, etc). Christopher is an extremely organized man and plans his weeks ahead to be able to keep up with everything.

Since Christopher has a doctorate of pharmacy he is very analytical about his training and will go deep into details. In other words you will understand exactly his thought process and how he approaches his trainings which is quite interesting.

Even though Christopher is an influencer via Instagram he wants people to understand and realize that he is human too and that he has his own battles like everyone else. As an influencer he believes it’s important to set the right example and to be yourself always instead of putting up a fake image just to look good on social media.

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