A decade ago, going to the gym was considered a waste of time by the older generation. It was believed that if you buy and drink the protein shake or powder, you’ll ruin your health and burn off your cash. Around a decade ago, children and youth claimed that yoga could not help them keep in shape.

The change had begun to arise when the Fit India movement and International Yoga day initiative was taken by the government. The perspective of people steadily changes regarding fitness. The most profitable industry was the fitness industry.

Many bodybuilders & fitness enthusiasts emerged after that. One of the most popular names in the fitness world is Vaibhav M Warrier. He is among the many fitness influencers who proved that they could earn their living because of their knowledge of fitness, physique & various fitness feats.

Vaibhav was born on 28 January 1998 in Banglore, Karnataka. Currently, he is around 23 years old. He shifted to Thrisshur, Kerala and completed his primary education in Kerala at Bharathiya Vidya Bhavan, Phoochatty, Kerala. He then showed his interest in animation & pursued his degree in B.Voc Animation from St.Joseph’s College, Bangalore. He has completed his degree in 2019.

In school and college days, he was a very naughty & active boy. His interest in sports & fitness made him one of the most disciplined & hardworking athletes around.

He was mainly an athlete and a cricketer; therefore, he spends a lot of time at the gym working out or on the ground with his cricket or athletic team, but he says he has never focused on building a muscular body. His main interest was to be very strong & powerful as well as athletic.

It was when he was just 12 years old when he started lifting weights at the gym. He is an inspiration for young kids to go to the gym, as he has proved that height has nothing to do with going to the gym and is purely based on genetics. (He is 6 feet tall, after 11 years of workout)

He had also got a State Gold Medal in Shot Put when he was in 12th grade & is a national athlete. Another rare feat that is less known is that he was one of the youngest national arm wrestlers, participating in the national arm-wrestling competition in 2015, back when he was just 17 years old – against tougher meat.

By the time he was in his college days, he was already doing impressive stuff like handstands, pushing cars & human flags. Since then, he had started investing time and money in building a good lean- muscular/aesthetic physique.

With the necessary schooling and a college degree, he has interested in studying health & fitness. He did a certificating in CPR and all forms of fitness training as well. He has also got the certificate from EREPS as an International Fitness Trainer.

His parents, Dr TV. Manikandan & Sarita Wariyer are very supportive of his ambitions. Most of his time is spent in the Gym, or sports ground as he is a very dedicated sports person & fitness freak. But he also is active on social media, watches anime, is a foodie & animal lover.

He is also a professional cricketer. He has represented his college played serious cricket for club/academy. He was part of the U-19 district team and U-23 district team. He admires all sports people & loves all sports. His idols are Bruce Lee – In Fitness, Shane Warne – Bowling, Andre Russel – Batting & is a fan of the talent & behaviour of Ab De Villiers & work ethic of Virat Kohli.

Vaibhav is a social media influencer. On the ground, he has a sizable fan following. He has been a brand ambassador for several companies. His Instagram account (@vaibhavmwarrier_gymshark) has more than 10,000 followers & is growing. He has a youtube channel where he gives workout and fitness tips and diet hacks.

In one of his Instagram story he has reveals that he doesn’t have any girlfriend as his main focus is on sports and fitness & the right time will come later.

He mostly posts workout videos, fitness tips & sometimes the manly figure and curves of his beach body physique. He earns his living through fitness training, sponsors & modelling for huge MNCs and corporate. His fan’s say that he is a very multi-talented person, but Vaibhav tries to focus on 1 or 2 goals at max.

Vaibhav M Warrier believes that style is a reflection of self-personality and attitude. His greatest strength is his work ethic & he believes no one can outwork a person who never gives up.

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