It is true that is not the same a stadium than a catwalk, however for playing any sport it is necessary to wear a specific type of clothes made of cotton or ergonomic shoes to ensure the comfort of the athlete and allow a correct development during the training and the field.

Many brands like Nike, Puma or Adidas are designing and redesigning their outfits and shoes every year to offer its customers new ways to practice sports and also paying well-known athletes to testify the quality of their products. Nevertheless, that’s not enough and sports players need additional protection before training.

Sports like Football, Rugby, Box or Hockey are disciplines that require physical strength and personal protection equipment. According to Julien Simon, one of the most outstanding athletes of the year, Football players use helmets, shoulder pads, padded pants, mouthpieces, gloves, cleats, etc. The gear is usually comfortable but can sometimes be uncomfortable when you first wear it. Gear can be pretty expensive if you are looking for the best products.

Nonetheless, a lot of people doesn’t give the importance than it should get, sometimes with fatal consequences. For that reason, experts give some advice before training, especially for contact sports.

  • Correct Training
  • Use the appropriate personal protection equipment
  • Hydration
  • Give some rest time to the players

Follow these and let’s do some sports.

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