Our national wushu team won the title of adult champion in the Polish international tournament. According to the news agency, at the end of this competition, which was held with the presence of 30 teams from 7 countries, our country’s convoy stood on the first platform with a total of 9 gold, 10 silver, and 2 bronze medals in the two fields of Sanshou and Taloo. Meanwhile, in the Sanshou section, the men’s events, Ali Fathi, Mohammad Heydarnejad, Ali Sahranshin, and in the women’s events, Fatemeh Dehghani won the gold, and FarzanehDehghani won the silver medal. In the Talu section, Elham Sadeghi won 3 gold medals in the forms of Nan Chuan, Nan Dao, and Nan Gwen. Also, in the same section and the men’s events, DavoodMarqato and Mohammad HamedKhoshbakht each won 2 silver medals and Ghaffar Amani won 2 bronze medals for our country’s convoy. Remarkably, FatemehDehghani and SaedSiahMashtei were declared as the best fighters of the Polish International Wushu Tournament. To hold the first international wushu tournament in Iran, the Secretary-General of the World Wushu Federation promised the officials of our country’s Wushu Federation that the first international wushu tournament in Iran will be supported and registered in the World Federation calendar. According to ISNA, Wang Xia Olin, after watching the performance of our national team in the Polish competitions, said during his talks with the officials of the Wushu Federation of Iran that the plan will be registered in the calendar of the World Federation.” Also, Plans have been made for the Iran International Wushu Tournament in October this year.

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