The next-generation consoles are going to be absolutely insane. Microsoft is working very hard to give us the most powerful machine capable of running all the AAA titles. We already talked about the specifications (insert a link to the previous Xbox Series X article) of the new console. Now, let us see how the game developers are looking at this new beast.

Joel Baker, Technical Director at Hinterland Games, said, “The most exciting thing for me is the addition of an SSD and the custom hardware surrounding it to help get data into memory faster. This is not only going to allow for better streaming and load times but also make it easier to work with larger data sets that don’t easily fit into memory. The addition of hardware ray tracing is also super exciting, but it’s how it can be used outside of graphics that will enable the biggest changes”.

Gennadiy Korol, Director of Technology at Moon Studios, said, “Playing games at a high refresh rate, at those crazy resolutions, is the next big thing in gaming. Anyone that played Ori and the Will of the Wisps in high resolution in 120 hertz will know what I mean. Previously this was only something that PC enthusiasts spending thousands of dollars on their machines would be able to experience. Bringing this kind of performance and quality to the general public is very exciting to me, and I think that will be the true next-gen leap we’ve all been waiting for”.

We can all see how excited these game developers are regarding the Xbox Series X as this console is going to be an absolute beast which will give us a premium PC-like experience in half the price.

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