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September is the best month of the year to reset your exercise routine… we’ll help you do it

September is “the” month to start a new fitness regimen if you want it to last. Dr. Steve Ingham, a sports scientist, Karen Perkins, a life coach, and Caroline Britton, an intuitive coach, explain why…

Don’t worry; September is here and it’s scientifically proven to be the best time to reset your fitness routines, set new goals, and reclaim your motivation. If you’ve struggled to stick to a fitness routine amid the chaos of summer vacations, work, lockdown, isolations, and catching up on socialising.

Why September?

Most individuals use their New Year’s resolutions and January 1st as a starting point for a brand-new fitness emphasis, but life coach Karen Perkins thinks September is a better month to get started.

She explains, “The mornings and nights are lighter, providing you time to exercise outside at the start and finish of each day.” “The weather is typically better in September, and it will likely seem warmer than it will in January.

As an added benefit, you may quietly strengthen your commitment to exercise without the social pressure of keeping New Year’s resolutions, which increases the likelihood that you’ll continue working out as the weather becomes chilly.

Schedule your workouts in your calendar.

According to Dr. Steve Ingham, a sports physiologist and performance scientist, “don’t be ambiguous about when you’ll do your workouts since you’re less likely to do them.” Instead, “put a certain time that will truly work for your timetable and your body clock into your calendar.” Therefore, if you are a morning person, early workouts are likely essential, whilst for evening individuals, lunch or teatime sessions may be more effective.

Team up

For at least one of your weekly workouts, team up with a friend. By agreeing to work out together, you add a little bit of social pressure and can keep each other accountable if one of you doesn’t show up, according to Steve. And it’s more enjoyable! When you work out your abs with a companion, time flies. Learn more about the benefits of working out with a friend, according to science.

Appreciate your wins.

Give yourself a mental pat on the back if you had a particularly successful session or finished it even if you weren’t feeling motivated, advises Caroline.

“I frequently tell myself, “I feel so terrific,’ after working out. Congratulations on waking up this morning and finishing your workout. It serves as a lock-in and is a positive affirmation.