Sarah P is a motivational speaker, author, and entrepreneur. She is a source of inspiration to countless female business owners who want to be like her.

Sarah P knows what it takes to implement necessary business decisions amid dire circumstances. The professional journey of Sarah P has been extremely successful. She’s been the guiding light for fans and the people around her. She encourages people to make the right decision at the right time with the right approach without losing their cool.

She is proactive and very passionate about entrepreneurship. Despite her busy schedule, Sarah P often writes about entrepreneurship, self-improvement, motivation, and leadership in various publications.

Sarah P Pens Her Latest Book

Sarah P has recently finished writing an interesting book. Her book ‘Level Up’ is now in its post-production stage. The book revolves around self-improvement and how to overcome adversity in business and life.

“Whatever you do in life, challenges will be there. Every entrepreneur has to overcome all these odds to get success. The scene becomes even tougher when you are a minority female entrepreneur. The message is clear—Don’t bow down before difficulties but be bold enough to overcome all challenges that life throws at you. Though things are improving, it will take a lot of time before the world will get rid of patriarchal mindset and all sorts of discriminations,” Sarah explained.

Sarah believes her upcoming book will show the right path to other aspiring women entrepreneurs who want to do something big in life.

Many minority women want to launch their businesses but change their plans sensing challenges ahead. Level Up is a one-of-its-kind self-improvement book that not only motivates young female entrepreneurs to take on challenges but also guides them to get success.

“As an entrepreneur, I understand what my responsibilities are and how I should react. Firstly, I am an entrepreneur and then a writer. The idea of penning my thoughts in Level Up came to my mind only when I saw how female entrepreneurs from minority communities retreat and don’t launch their own enterprises because of the challenges and hardships that they face because of their gender and race. Not everyone goes through the same hardship and difficulties, yet Level Up will help them in their entrepreneurial journey and accomplish their dreams of being their own boss.

The Future Ahead

Sarah P is extremely sensible and believes there shouldn’t be any discrimination against anyone, including women and minority groups based on ethnicity, sexual orientation, skin color, gender, and race.

Sarah P’s much-awaited book “Level Up” is another feather on her cap. Especially female entrepreneurs and aspiring business women from all across the world are likely to get a lot of inspiration and motivation after reading the book.

She is passionate about entrepreneurship and committed to empowering the cause of female entrepreneurs and other women from minority groups in whatever way she can.

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