Markus Käsmaier – The Crypto Pioneer Changing the World

Markus Käsmaier, a visionary and highly successful entrepreneur in the fields of cryptocurrencies and blockchain, has taken a significant role in the digital world. At the age of 30, he already has an impressive career to look back on. With over seven years of experience in the industry, Markus Käsmaier has become an expert in […]


Entrepreneur Omar Al Ashi believes that success doesn’t come easy!

“One can lead from the top and be successful if set rules are followed,” says Omar Al Ashi. The desire and required skills that’s needed to become a successful entrepreneur can be recognized early in a person’s life. With the right guidance, young minds can develop into seasoned entrepreneurs and lead the world of business. […]


Sarah P Is Ready With Her New Book ‘Level Up’

Sarah P is a motivational speaker, author, and entrepreneur. She is a source of inspiration to countless female business owners who want to be like her. Sarah P knows what it takes to implement necessary business decisions amid dire circumstances. The professional journey of Sarah P has been extremely successful. She’s been the guiding light […]


The Entrepreneur Life: Every day is a New Adventure

One thing that people always seem to want to know about is what it’s like, being an entrepreneur. As a society, we seem to have held on to this old fashioned, outdated notion that the life of an entrepreneur is pretty much this set thing. For example, if you’re a mechanic, you go to work […]


How Nicola Napolitano turned into a Sensation Worldwide?

The Journey of an Entrepreneur from Zero The level of simplicity and help suffered to us by the tech progressions sure is something to appreciate. Yet, it has likewise expanded rivalry in the advanced market. Dissimilar to previously, when you simply required a running site to sell and exchange products, presently you need an unheard […]


Momar Sakanoko Basketball star is done with basketball

Momar Sakanoko is officially done with basketball and he is now building his own company. The French basketball prospect announced his retirement after his successful season with the club of Bahia basketball. The well-known figure said he had a dream and this wasn’t to be a professional basketball player, but to create his own company. […]


5 Competencies of a Successful Entrepreneur As Per Amazing Manny Garcia

Entrepreneur Manny Garcia believes that anyone with an idea, product, or service to sell can become an entrepreneur, but few skills will often be the difference between an extraordinary entrepreneur and an ordinary one.  There’s a never-ending debate on whether entrepreneurs are born or made, but everyone can certainly agree that there are certain skills […]


Former Muay Thai champion Orel Shitrit on leading his digital agency to success

Very few athletes pick themselves up after leaving a sport, either due to an injury or other reasons. Since they were used to their lives revolving around their chosen sport, most find it difficult to adjust to regular life without it. However, there are few like Orel Shitrit, who pick themselves up and get involved […]


Allan Hu shares his insights on economic instability amidst COVID-19

A lot of people believe in working hard, building a nest-egg, just to lay down tools and call it a day when they hit the milestone of 65. As a rule, retirement is something we all look forward to because it means we can kick back, enjoy the fruits of our labor, and not have […]

Amel Elezoivc
Guest Posts

Entrepreneur Amel Elezoivc Proves Why Mindset in Business is Important. Read To know

Amel Elezoivc is a YouTuber, Entrepreneur, and Software creator. Amel, who played soccer for over 8 years in a team professionally had to quit to continue his career in the entrepreneur world. Amel started small as a creator and very soon he had already gathered over 200,000 subscribers across his channels. This young entrepreneur was […]