Jr Michael, who is also known as a producer, scriptwriter, director, actor, and business executive of Brick House Pictures LLC. He’s additionally known for his in-style short film “Stranger within the Dark” that was a scripted series on the net and, therefore, the triumph short-picture show “Vengeance is Mine”. There are several different times he has been involved in.

Stick’em up, kids,


>I’m Legend,




>Law And Order.

His radio show “Make That Bloody Movie with Coffee”: A radio podcast about an associate Indy film producer and his passion for movies! JR Michael speaks with entertainers and entrepreneurs on the highs and lows of operating within the film industry! Creating films and drinking coffee are 2 of boy Michael’s primary passions that he documents while chronicling the lifetime of a filmmaker and his difficulties to precise himself via his work.

Concerning his production company Brick House Pictures:

Jr Michael considers himself to be an extremely formidable one who enjoys being active and creative. He despises seeing things drag and prefers to keep things moving. In addition, he incorporates a variety of abilities that he has developed and enforced during various kinds of jobs throughout the years. He desires to perpetually learn new things and broaden his horizons to become an additional all-round individual. For his ambitions, he has created his production company “Brick House Pictures.” Right now, he’s engaged in his totally different come that you simply can see soon.

Concerning his film “Nightfall”:

Twilight has created a movie competition in Brazil, Rome, and CA, creating it a really probable candidate for TV high status as a series. Twilight has won many festivals with awards from the Rome International Film Festival. It’s become a favourite in each Republic of India and Asia and, to date, has become the hot, the most talked-about film for 2021 therein region of the planet. He’s the creator and director of Nightfall, a film within which he additionally stars as a distinguished character. Crime, human trafficking, and sex trafficking are all mentioned within the movie. He has stated the matter of human trafficking during this series.

Last year, the twilight series was released, and it straightaway became in style in major countries throughout the world. The series has piqued the curiosity of viewers aged twenty-to-thirty years old all round the globe. Younger Michael and therefore the Brick House footage crew place an amazing transformation on the TV series.

Concerning about his daughters:

Besides being an actor, a producer and a director, he is a single father of two very beautiful daughters he is raising two beautiful daughters alone. Raising daughters alone without mothers is so difficult. This is why he is teaching his girls to be strong, respectful women and loving girls through his work.

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