HBO Cancels Fan-Favorite Series Before Season 3 Premieres

HBO has a big summer this year. The popular comedy series The Righteous Gemstones will return to the premium network for its third season, and Euphoria’s Sam Levinson will star in a new show. All things considered, HBO’s summer will probably be associated with its endings, not its fresh starts. Succession and Barry will both have their series finales on Sunday, marking the end of two of HBO’s most acclaimed shows after four seasons. On Thursday, we were informed that another well-known HBO series would be ending soon.

Numerous viewers of the well-known comedy/drama How To With John Wilson will be disappointed to learn that the show will not return for another season. On Thursday, HBO announced that Season 3 of How To With John Wilson will end this summer.

Luckily, there is some good news with that declaration. The first episode of the upcoming How to With John Wilson season will air on July 28. Six episodes will follow John Wilson around New York as he tries to assist his fellow humans with random, straightforward tasks once more.

“As we started work on Season 3, I found it exciting to think of it as the last one. It ended up opening a lot of narrative possibilities that weren’t available to us before and gave us the freedom to try some really ambitious stuff,” Wilson said in a statement. “So if you’re a fan of the show – thanks for watching, and buckle up, because there’s a crazy trip you’re about to take.”

How To With John Wilson is executive produced by Nathan Fielder, the producer and star of shows like Nathan For You and The Rehearsal. The Emmy-nominated series’ first two seasons, each with six episodes, can be streamed on Max.