Two boxing legends will come back to the ring this year and square off in a presentation battle. Mike Tyson, 54, will confront Roy Jones Jr., 51, on September 12, CBS Sports reports. The heavyweights will battle with oversized gloves with the purpose to not score a knockout.

Tyson prodded the pay-per-view battle Thursday via social media. “I. AM. BACK,” he subtitled a video of him as he was training. Tyson has recently prodded an arrival to the sport, as indicated by CBS Sports.

The previous undisputed heavyweight champion of the world last battled in June 2005, retiring in the wake of declining to proceed after the 6th round of a battle with Kevin McBride, CBS Sports reports.

Jones, who defeated John Ruiz to become heavyweight champion of the world in 2003, last battled in 2018. Jones initially started his career at 154 pounds and won titles at middleweight, super middleweight and light heavyweight, before moving into heavyweight, as indicated by CBS Sports.

The boxers’ eight-round performance match will happen in Los Angeles, the California State Athletic Commission (CSAC) said in an announcement. “In this match, the referee will have the authority to stop the fight if it strays outside the boundaries of a competitive boxing exhibition,” the statement read. “Mr. Tyson and Mr. Jones Jr. will have to submit all CSAC medical tests for fighters over 40 as well as CSAC’s emergency regulations that have been put in place to slow the spread of COVID-19.”

On Jones’ Instagram, the boxer shared a video that seemed to show himself and Tyson signing their CSAC paperwork to make the battle official. In another post, Jones shared a banner publicizing the battle. “I am happy that this fight between me and Mike Tyson will happen!” he wrote. “I was always ready and will be ready this time as well. I want all my fans to support me and tune in. It’s gonna be epic.”

The pandemic stopped numerous sports seasons, however a few leagues received a “bubble” technique where athletes were isolated from the outside world and observed for COVID-19. A bubble was made for boxing in Las Vegas, and now, the calendar is topping off with battles, CBS Sports reports.

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