When WWE fans can expect to see Rock Wrestle again

WWE’s biggest stars often leave the ring behind for Hollywood but, sooner or later, they come back. Of course, some have been as successful in Hollywood as Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who has consistently been one of the highest-paid actors in many years. Johnson’s huge work schedule has made it difficult for him to return for any meaningful score, however, now it appears that his returns have been revealed.

Rumors earlier this year suggested that The Rock might return between Survivor Series 2021 or WrestleMania 38, although the latest news says it’s closed. Ringside News reports that wrestling fans shouldn’t expect to see The Brahma Bull at WrestleMania 38 in Dallas, with Dwayne Johnson being considered the “virtual lock” for WrestleMania 39 in 2023. That being said, this deadline is something we should expect from him as soon as possible.

It is believed that the WWE has booked Dwayne Johnson so far because of his large filming schedule. Mentioning a competitor in the news can frustrate fans, but it’s not very common. This is due to the fact that with wrestlers and now and between the proposed date their status may change.

If the WWE has so far intended to book Dwayne Johnson, one would have to wonder if his return would be a meaningful in-ring match? Johnson last “wrestled” at WrestleMania 32 in less than 10 seconds. Part of the reason is that he has all the limitations, like a Hollywood star, especially the numerous film deals that prohibit activities like wrestling so that he doesn’t injure himself and delay production.

We can only guess and say that Dwayne Johnson’s return to the WWE has been a big wish of many fans in recent years. And as John Cena showed in his recent match against Roman Reyns at SummerSlam, a person can go into film responsibilities and cope well with regular talent. Admittedly, Cena is not far from WWE to The Rock, so one would think that Johnson has some ring rust and needs a little training to prepare for an in-ring performance. It sounds weird to say that The Rock needs to get in shape for anything, but working and performing in the WWE ring are two different things.