NHL Seattle have authoritatively reported the name of their local franchise: The team will be known as the Seattle Kraken.

Team leaders made the declaration Thursday in the recently named Climate Pledge Arena at Seattle Center, where the Kraken will start play in the fall of 2021. On top of reporting the team’s name, leaders likewise divulged the Kraken logo and colors.

A kraken is a kind of mythical sea monster that wrecks ships and has been a pillar in books and films for decades. The name and logo were divulged following over 19 months after the NHL voted to award Seattle the league’s 32nd franchise.

“The Kraken is awesome,” said Steve Patrick, a musician for the bands Young Rising Suns and Camden Welles, who is additionally the incredible grandson of the legendary Lester Patrick, who co-founded the Seattle Metropolitans over 100 years back.

A picture of Lester Patrick was remembered for the video used Thursday to divulge the Kraken name and logo. He was wearing a jersey of the Metropolitans, the first American team to win the Stanley Cup.

“I was watching the video and just suddenly saw Lester pop up, and I was like, ‘I’d recognize that face anywhere,'” said Patrick, via a FaceTime interview from from Brooklyn, New York. “So, it was kind of a cool moment.”

He said he enjoys the manner in which the new team had the option to capture the kind of the old team.

“It’s really cool (and) it’s kinda crazy and out there,” he said. “And I think the way they pulled in the original Metropolitans ‘S’ in there (for) the branding is super nice. It’s really cool. It’s really sleek looking.”

The ‘S’ is a main focal point of the sweaters that players will wear when the puck drops inside Climate Pledge Arena one year from now.

Others communicated various perspectives about the team name and logo.

“It’s just so Seattle. Misunderstood (and) doesn’t fit in the league,” said John Elley. “Does its own thing. I think they did just what they wanted to do.”

“It’ll bring more tourism and more money into the area, I think,” said Eric Ribary.

“I think it adds a lot to the fabric of the city,” said Marc Burns. “And I’m really, from that standpoint, excited about it.”

Patrick originates from a major hockey family. Since his uncle is the current team president for the Washington Capitals, he said that is a hockey group he is obliged to help.

Be that as it may, the Seattle Kraken will be his western team, he said.

“I’ve been to Seattle so many times and the people there they’re just excited about everything,” Patrick said. “They’re great sport fans. It’s a really cool, unique situation. I think hockey’s gonna do really well there.”

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