Hylife Thailand: Enhancing Quality of life

Hylife Developments Co., Ltd. is a condominium developer based in Thailand that prioritises eco-friendliness, usability, and aesthetics while building luxury homes for its clients. Hylife Developments is led by a group of dedicated experts in their field who contribute a wealth of knowledge in terms of development, design, and technical competence, as well as fresh perspectives and a keen understanding of the market. 

Mr Shubhodeep Das is the Founder and CEO of HYLIFE GROUP

Hylife Group is known for its commitment to perfection at all project stages, from the first feasibility study to the final design, construction, project management, and property management.

The concept behind Hylife was to enhance the quality of life for people. Hylife has demonstrated this with its subsidiary businesses, which have actively engaged in various social welfare initiatives within and beyond Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Affiliates of Hylife 


Hylife IBC primarily engages in the following activities: general business management, business planning, and business cooperation; IT and other technical support; human resources management and training; legal and financial advisory services; credit management and control; and lending to their associated enterprises.

HYLIFE Property Development

Hylife Property Development is involved in land and building acquisitions and site management and currently has a portfolio of over 1,000 Rai of land throughout Thailand. The group aims to acquire and build its land bank for quality developments, led by a team of dedicated site specialists that includes architects, planners, and valuation analysts.

The mission of Hylife Property Developments is to constantly refine the design concepts so that they evolve into practical and efficient living solutions. We also believe in providing long-term value to homeowners by providing quality spaces that allow them to connect with their loved ones and others who live and play in the same neighbourhood.


Hylife Developments Co., Ltd is a boutique property developer based in Thailand that champions sustainability, functionality, and form in its projects to create exclusive and beautiful living spaces. Hylife Developments is led by a passionate team of industry professionals who bring extensive development expertise, design excellence, and technical skill to the table and are guided by innovative thinking and market insight. To ensure perfection at all levels, the team oversees all aspects of the project, including feasibility studies, design development, construction, project management, and post-project property management.


Hylife Asset’s legal advisors, financial analysts, and on-site experts work together to ensure the privacy of their clients while delivering asset-back financing that is fast, clear, and inexpensive.

Through their years of experience and close relationships with land and property owners, property agents, and other stakeholders in Thailand, Hylife Asset has built a sizable loan portfolio and strives to be recognised as a leading, respectable brand that can be relied upon.


Pinnacle Asset Management Co., Ltd. was founded with the primary purpose of engaging in non-performing debt management. PAM, a Chiang Mai-based, cutting-edge debt management firm services northern Thailand. They’ve consistently expanded, and now They’re in a really healthy financial position. With annual investments in receivables of hundreds of millions of Thai baht, we will be one of the largest enterprises purchasing NPL portfolios in Thailand.

Dr Hygiene Medical Products Co., Ltd

As a result of the widespread need for N95 masks and other forms of personal protection during the 2009 COVID-19 epidemic, a group of like-minded people came together to form Doctor Hygiene Medical Products Co., Ltd. Since N95 masks were either not widely available or prohibitively expensive in Thailand at the time, the country had to rely largely on imports to meet the surging demand. Dr Hygiene, a BOI-supported firm with a brand-new factory and storage facility in Chiang Mai’s Hang Dong District, was founded.


Hylife Global Food was established to transition from a real estate development group to a more sustainable business model centred on the production and export of food. The goal of the new food company Hylife Global Food is to become an industry leader in the processing of fruits and vegetables. The longan, lychee, and other fruits and vegetables grown locally in Chiang Mai are used as the primary raw materials for the company’s dried, freeze-dried, and crispy products.

As a company, Hylife is committed to finding and implementing viable long-term solutions through Design Thinking and Market Insights.