Viral Modi’s Creativity Grows Stronger With Her Age

 You might have heard people say that this is not the right age to do this. But there are some people who, for their passion, go beyond the limits of their age and prove that the age-old prejudices were wrong. Yes, there are some people who prove that with age, one grows and matures, and this maturity shall also reflect in one’s field of work.
Today we will be talking about the inspirational woman, Upasana Modi, whose videos are getting more viral with the passing of time.
Upasana Modi, a Gujarati woman better known online as “Viral Modi,” discovered that people knew her not only by her name but also for the incredible talent she displayed on TikTok, Instagram, MX Takatak, and other platforms.
Talking about the beginning phase of her journey, she says, “I always had that intense desire for acting and dancing.” I also have a strong observing power when it comes to dance and acting. I kept a close watch over the expressions of the actresses as well as their outfits. Growing up with my younger sister, Dolly Trivedi, who is a Gujarati actress, further strengthened my desire to step into the world of acting and dancing. And the advent of social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, etc. fueled my desire for acting and dancing. Thus, I could not help but step into this amazing world of acting and dancing, where I can be whichever character I want and make my job a passion.”
Being an active user of Tik Tok, the ban on Tik Tok proved to be a dreadful experience for her.Even after being in a difficult situation, she kept herself strong and found new ways to continue her journey as a content creator.
Viral reestablished contact with her friends and followed up by promoting her presence on additional social media networks. She was surprised when the internet community gave her an unexpected boost of confidence by giving her countless views. Making reels is, according to Viral, her favourite pastime, and she is so enamoured with it that she sometimes loses herself in the beauty of her creations. She is adored by her fans because, as an artist, she constantly looks for new ways to inject creativity into her videos.
She believes in giving her 100%. She doesn’t look at her age as a barrier. For Viral Modi, age really is just a number.