“Worldwide Privacy Tour” of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle is ripped apart by “South Park”

In the second episode of the animated comedy series on Comedy Central’s 26th season, it appeared as though South Park was mocking Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

The Worldwide Privacy Tour, despite the fact that the show did not name the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, contained numerous references to them.

The Prince of Canada and his wife visit the town of South Park, where they say they want to be alone and private.

The tension between Harry and Meghan’s desire for privacy and their willingness to reveal intimate details of their lives in interviews, Prince Harry’s book, and their Netflix series is the focus of the jokes.

The prince from South Park is seen promoting his book Waaaagh, which is clearly a joke about Prince Harry’s actual book Spare.

He arrives at a talk show carrying a sign that reads, “We want our privacy!” While Markle’s duplicate displays a sign that reads, “Stop looking at us!”

After claiming that the Markle imposter embraces her celebrity lifestyle, the host of Good Morning Canada responds, “Some people might say that your Instagram-loving bitch wife actually doesn’t want her privacy.”

In another scene, Kyle Broflovski says: “I’m sick of hearing about them! I can’t get away from them! They’re everywhere, in my f***ing face!”

Eric Cartman replies: “We don’t care about some dumb prince and his stupid wife.”

The prince is described as “Royal prince, millionaire, world traveler, victim” in conversations with a “branding manager.” His wife receives the tagline: “Sorority girl, actress, influencer, and victim.”