If you are not following Sneaker Kitchen on instagram you may very well be missing out on one of the best Sneaker pages in the US. Started by Justin Melnichuk, the online store provides a customer with any shoe they could imagine. Sneaker kitchen’s shoes deliver past the borders of the US even over the ocean into the UK. Justin ensures that his customers have access to the newest heat on the sneaker market for good prices and easy processes.

 As any 12 year old does, Justin dreamed of being rich. But instead of trapping the thought of being rich in his head as a dream he got to working and made it a reality. He found himself taking interest in resellers at the time and saw the environment as the perfect place for him. He began learning everything he could and simultaneously fell in love with the community.

Some would say Justin’s drive and ability to create a name for himself at such a young age is commendable whoever they fail to recognize the most impressive part. He maintains a full student body. Balancing school work, getting good grades and maintaining a business on the come up is not the agenda of a typical young teenager. Justin always had what it takes to be a successful business owner but to start so young is really something rare that proves Justin is next level.

Sneaker Kitchen also is more than your average reseller. Justin doesn’t stop at selling to individual people. He has gained enough trust and followers to be noticed by sneaker stores who now rely on Justin to fill their shelves. Justin has done over 1 million sales and now has many different customers, stores and even celebrities who buy shoes from him. Now enough of what Justin had pulled off. Where is Sneaker Kitchen going from here?

Well Justin plans on opening a store location in Sacramento California where foot traffic will be a huge money maker for him. Anyone enjoying the heat of the hot city will have the best shoes to do it in only after shopping at Sneaker Kitchen. Future plans included opening other locations in cities like Miami Florida LA and San Francisco. Justin is soon to be a teen owner of a full business with multiple store locations and it all started from watching those who did it before him. Really shows how inspirational entrepreneurship can be and Justin hopes to inspire others to follow in his footsteps.

Find him here:

Personal IG – @justinmelnichuk

Professional IG – @sneakerkiitchen

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