Perseverance always finds its way to success and 24year old, Donny Duardo’s story brings this aspect of life into limelight.

With over millions of streams and views, it’s been a roller coaster ride for Donny Duardo.

He has created a huge wave of fandom and admiration through his unique style of music. He brings in a fresh party vibe that entices the audience.
When Donny Duardo came out with his compositions from his production house, Amsterdam and Savage, it instantly caught everyone’s attention.
This gave this a boost of confidence and it was the time for his talent to shine brighter.

He believes in sharpening his skills constantly and trusts the process of self improvement.Donny Duardo is someone who is open to constructive criticism and channels them in perfecting his art.

He has been able to achieve success only through his individuality and tenacity.

Passion needs the right direction to get converted into a profession and Donny Duardo has just done it the right way.

One day, he hopes to perform in the world’s biggest clubs like Pacha and Ushuaia. His fans can envision Donny playing at major music festivals like Valhalla, Mysteryland and Haarlem’s Bevrijdingspop.

This is soon come true given his record and amazing work.
As viewers and fans, We can wish him all the luck as his fans’ love can surely make him win a Gold record in the near future.

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