Team Giannis defeats Team LeBron in the NBA All-Star Game. Jayson Tatum establishes a scoring record in the win

Finally, Team LeBron lost an NBA All-Star Game.

LeBron James’ teams have won the first five games since the NBA started using the top vote-getters from each conference to serve as captains and pick teams playground style in 2018.

On Sunday, Team Giannis defeated Team LeBron, winning 184-175 to leave Salt Lake City.

Team LeBron and Team Giannis are now 2-2. Antetokounmpo stated, “I’m just happy that we were able to get a win, and I got one against LeBron.”

Due to Team Giannis’ 158-141 lead after three quarters and the NBA’s target score of “the leading team’s total score after the first three quarters plus 24 points,” Portland’s Damian Lillard scored a three-pointer to win the game.

Team Giannis scored 29 points, including 10 from Jayson Tatum of Boston, 8 from Donovan Mitchell of Cleveland, and 8 from Lillard.