Model Naser Hasan: The Road Ahead is one with Mysteries

On his journey as a model, Naser hopes to stumble upon the ordinary stories of ordinary people and also have the opportunity to deliver an extraordinary performance in depicting them. For Naser, there lies his greatest inspiration, the simple moments and with the most powerful emotions… Naser Hasan, 31, has learned a lot about life […]


Vaibhav M Warrier: The Story of 23 Year Old Fitness Trainer From Thrisshur

A decade ago, going to the gym was considered a waste of time by the older generation. It was believed that if you buy and drink the protein shake or powder, you’ll ruin your health and burn off your cash. Around a decade ago, children and youth claimed that yoga could not help them keep […]

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Jose Arias, A New York Based Social Media Influencer, Creator And Marketer, Emphasizes The Importance Of Videos For Social Media Marketing

This influencer and entrepreneur at just 25 years of age has created a rage with his meme pages on Instagram. There are a variety of social media marketing strategies that are taking over the internet and the online marketing space, especially since the last few years. Many youngsters have set their foot into the colossal […]

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Dynamic Digital marketer Entrepreneur Garrett Shiner is making his unique place as Social Media Influencer too

We are living in a digital world, and no traditional marketing works in our time. Today we need more advanced and popular way to grow online and offline. This is only possible if you have a great team of Digital Marketing experts and PRO Digital Marketer. Because of the high use of the Internet and […]