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The Telugu Titans vs. Tamil Thalaivas Pro Kabaddi 2023 Match 88 head-to-head statistics and records you need to know prior

The 88th Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) 2023 match between the Telugu Titans and the Tamil Thalaivas will take place in Hyderabad on Wednesday, January 24.

The home team’s situation has not changed significantly as they are still at the bottom of the points table. After fifteen games, the Titans are down 13–2 in their record. They want to win the home leg so they can move on.

Tamil Thalaivas, on the other hand, have won their last two games and are in excellent form. Even so, they have five wins and nine losses thus far, which keeps them in tenth place. Whether the Thalaivas can win three straight games on Wednesday will be interesting to watch.

See the TEL vs. TAM PKL head-to-head record ahead of the final game of the Hyderabad leg.

The Telugu Titans and Tamil Thalaivas head-to-head record in the Premier League Thirteen Pro Kabaddi matches between Telugu Titans and Tamil Thalaivas have been played. The Titans are down to five wins, while the Thalaivas are up slightly with seven. In a match that ended in a tie, both teams participated.

After defeating the Titans in their previous meeting this season, Tamil Thalaivas will be buoyant. Telugu Titans will be itching to exact revenge for their defeat.

Number of Games: 13

Telugu Titans’ record in victories: 5

Tamil Thalaivas’s record of victories: 7

No-Result Matches: 1

The last three Pro Kabaddi matches between the Telugu Titans and the Tamil Thalaivas

In their three most recent Pro Kabaddi League games, the Thalaivas have prevailed over these two teams.

Narender (10 points) and Sahil Gulia (7 points) both had strong games as Tamil Thalaivas prevailed in their match earlier in the season.

The Thalaivas triumphed handily in their most recent meeting with the two teams in season 9. Leading the team with a whopping 20 points, Ajinkya Pawar was accompanied by 10 points from Narender.

When the two teams met again the previous season, Ajinkya Pawar (12 points) and Sagar (8 points) led the Thalaivas to victory once more.

A synopsis of the previous three Pro Kabaddi League matches between the Telugu Titans and Tamil Thalaivas is provided below:

December 13, 2023, saw a 2-point victory for TAM (38) over TEL (36)

Dec. 3, 2022: TAM (52) defeated TEL (24) by a margin of 28 points.

Thanksgiving 5, 2022 saw TAM (39) defeat TEL (31) by 8 points.