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Puneri Paltan Defeats Haryana Steelers Thrillingly to Win their Maiden Pro Kabaddi Title

Puneri Paltan won their first championship in the Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) final against Haryana Steelers in a match that will live on in the memories of Kabaddi fans. On March 1, a thrilling match took place at the GMC Balayogi Sports Complex in Gachibowli, Hyderabad, as Puneri Paltan defeated their opponents with a stunning 28-25 score.

Puneri Paltan’s Powerful Opening

Puneri Paltan showed off their defensive skills early on, quickly taking the lead when they stopped Shivam Patare and Vinay, the raiders for the Haryana Steelers. The fierce defensive tactic created the conditions for their eventual triumph and intensified the fighting on the kabaddi mat.

The Resilience of Haryana Steelers

Despite facing early setbacks, Haryana Steelers exhibited commendable resilience, with Rahul Sethpal spearheading their defensive efforts. The first half witnessed a neck-and-neck tussle as Haryana Steelers effectively countered Puneri Paltan’s raids, refusing to concede ground easily.

The Valor of Pankaj Mohite

Pankaj Mohite’s brilliant play, which resulted in Puneri Paltan taking a vital four-point lead through Super Raid, marked the game’s pivotal moment. Mohite demonstrated his resilience under duress and won the title of Best Raider thanks to his outstanding performance, which turned the tide in his team’s favor.

The Fightback of Haryana

Haryana Steelers showed remarkable tenacity in the face of adversity, with Siddharth Desai spearheading the attack in the latter stages of the match. Puneri Paltan’s tenacity, however, dashed any hopes of a reversal, securing their historic triumph and solidifying their place as the rightful winners of Season 10.

Greatest Achievers

Individually strong performances propelled Puneri Paltan to victory, with Pankaj Mohite emerging as the Best Raider and scoring nine raid points. In addition, Gaurav Khatri’s four tackle points on defense was a key factor in their victory. On the other side, Mohit’s three tackle points highlighted their defensive efforts, and Shivam Patare distinguished as the Haryana Steelers’ Best Raider with six raid points.