Filmmaker Abeni Nazeer is a multimedia content producer getting ready to release her debut feature, SIN. SIN, the movie features Oscar winning actor Louis Gossett Jr. SIN also stars lead actress Angel Love and the Fresh actor, Sean Nelson. The film is loaded with special appearances from Markuann Smith, Shiggy, Jhonni Blaze, Rip Michaels, Kiyanne, and Bella Blaq. This movie, written by Dutch, follows Sasha, as she rekindles her relationship with an old friend that leads her to a life of crime. Sin is projected to be released in 2023.

Abeni was born in Lansing, Michigan, raised in Baltimore, Maryland. She started her career as a self-made cinematographer at 15 years old. By the time she was 17, she was teaching film classes in Baltimore City. Nazeer won Baltimore’s Best Music Video Award in 2010 for her “Satellite” music video performed by her long time boyfriend Chris “Comrade” Goodman, which gained her popularity in Baltimore City. The recognition led her to direct and produce content for many of Baltimore’s top brands including Shoe City. Abeni studied at the University of Baltimore with a Business Scholarship because of her high GPA, but decided to drop out of school to become a full-time film director.

Abeni, also known as Director AB, shares the zodiac sign, Scorpio, with powerful, influential people like Pablo Picasso, Bill Gates, Jimmy Kimmel, and Whoopi Golberg. Her actual birth date, October 26, is the exact day as Hiliry Clinton’s.

Watch the trailer for SIN:

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