The 2023 Valorant Champions Tour will take place in Japan; Reyna was named as Most Played Agent and More

It is true. The location of Masters 2023, which will be held in Japan, has been announced by Valorant. It has been decided to introduce the sport to new audiences worldwide. Through 2022, it has been observed that the Japanese Valorant community has expanded significantly, with more fans attending events of all kinds.

Players can anticipate it taking place in June 2023, following the conclusion of the inaugural International League splits, although there is currently no official date. Players will see the top 10 teams from all three leagues in the competition. The region that comes out on top at the LOCK//IN event in Brazil will receive an additional slot.

Reyna will be the Most Played Agent in 2022, according to official announcements, in additional Valorant news. The official Valorant account posted this information on Twitter. Additionally, the post provides information on how players can obtain their own summary using Valorant Flashback. Players who are interested can find the Flashback that Riot Games has sent to them in their email.

Lastly, the game director at Valorant left Riot Games to become the game director at Bungie, the developer of Destiny 2. He stated in a post on December 8 that despite having worked for Riot for 12 wonderful years, he has reached his final week as a developer. On December 19, he presented a report on declare that Bungie is his new home, and he is chipping away at some new stuff that ideally one day the players will actually want to test.