The Boehly-Clearlake Consortium (still waiting for a better name!) May be the last administrative hurdle other than the actual transfer (and subsequent freezing) of the funds needed to complete the purchase of the Chelsea football club. Now we are satisfied that no sanctioned person will benefit from any funds and thus we can go ahead and complete this thing (and this sentence).

“The Commissioner of Financial Services, Financial Stability and Capital Markets Association,” Myred McGuinness, confirmed today that he had “received the necessary assurances that Chelsea’s sale is fully compliant with the approval rules.” McGuinness also confirmed that the net income would go “entirely for humanitarian purposes in Ukraine”, as Roman Abramovich had intended from the beginning. (McGuinness did not include the last part as all government agencies are now trying to take credit for this. Politicians, good work!)

In any case, Chelsea is making an official announcement soon, but hopefully not at 2am local time like last time!

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