The chiefs signed Clemson receiver Justin Ross

Clemson wide receiver Justin Ross, a one-time first-round prospect, has signed with the Chiefs as an undefeated rookie.

If the NFL had allowed newcomers to enter the draft, Ross would have been selected in the first round in 2019. He was the ACC’s leading receiver in 2018 and has since made six catches and a touchdown in 153 yards in the national championship game against Alabama.

But the NFL does not allow players to enter the draft until they have completed three years of high school, and that means Ross went back to Clemson, where the rest of his college career did not go as planned. After being bitten in practice, he was diagnosed with a rare condition of the spine and had to sit out for a full year. He returned to the field, but he was not very successful and his last season was reduced to 2021 due to a fractured leg.

Now Ross will have a chance to show what he can do in the Chiefs offense which gives plenty of opportunities to big-play receivers. He just has to work harder to make the roster, but he has a rare upside for the perfect player.