When the Yankees arrived at Rogers Center on Monday, their chests weren’t throbbing, they had the Major’s longest winning streak in their back pocket. The Blue Jays are a very challenging, battle for the top spot in the American League East that continues throughout the season.

But they should be a little more relaxed now. This latest round went to the visitors: Gleber Torres completed a three-RBI performance by knocking out Team Locastro in the ninth inning, helping the Yankees celebrate their 10th consecutive victory with a 3-2 victory over the Blue Jays. In Toronto.

“It’s special,” Torres said. “Every time I do my little things and help my team win, it’s great for me. I just take advantage of every opportunity I get and try to do my best for the team. “

This is already an important season for Torres, with the sometimes weird guy coming out into the crowded infield mix and working to increase their numbers even after a slow start. The infielder is showing signs of late hope; Torres hit two runs to Homer in the fourth inning – just like the decisive hit – to travel on the field.

Manager Aaron Boone said, “It was a really good win against a really good team. “That’s where Gleber is at his best.”

Torres’ ninth-inning came from Yimi Garcia, with Lokastro scoring for Giancarlo Stanton. Most of the crowd at Rogers Center (at least, not tuned into the NHL playoff game taking place on the street) should have guessed that Locastro’s goal was to steal another base.

The Blue Jays did, of course, but they couldn’t stop Locustro, who went on to score successfully by breaking Josh Donaldson on Garcia’s fourth pitch.

“It’s funny, but I’m not in that situation unless Giancarlo gets a hit and then Gleber gets another hit and our pitching staff put us in every game,” Locustro said. “It’s a whole team effort and the team wins this whole period.”

Locustro is right in that victory. 10 marked another example of how the Yankees club won in different ways – after the high-octane homestand in which they had largely beaten the parents and the Orioles, the Yankees tried their hand at a few small places. Ball during Royals’ weekend polishing in Kansas City. It was a good practice for their arrival in Toronto.

“Here in May, we’re trying to win as much as possible,” Boone said. “Every time you play well and you play an intra-division game, it counts a little bit more – especially with a team that you may be competing for more. These are doubly important. “

Left-hander Jordan Montgomery was backed by a long-awaited run, but he had to settle for his fourth no-decision of the year. Bo Bichet and Matt Chapman hit runs in Montgomery’s fourth inning, hitting six in five plus innings.

“I think my stuff was really the best thing I’ve ever done in a long time,” said Montgomery, who scored five runs without showing a single move, just tossing 65 pitches. “It’s unfortunate they got a lot of soft-contact hits, but they’re good hitters. I want to make the pitch a little better to get them out. “

The highlight of Montgomery’s effort came when Stanton snatched an extra base hit from Zell Chapman in the second inning to hit the right-field wall.

Montgomery said, “Out of the bat, I was like, ‘I can’t let him barrel like that. “I thought it was Homer, and then Stanton pulled it back. It was a really good play. “

The Yankees have won 17 of 23 games for the eighth time in franchise history; The club has won the World Series five times out of the last seven (1928, ’32, ’39, ’58 and ’98).

“We are happy; We’re on the same page right now, “Torres said. “Mentally, it’s just, keep doing it and keep winning games as much as possible.”

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