A Competent and Successful woman is expected to be indebted’, says Kanthi D Suresh, on Daughters day

On daughters day, we caught up with an online chat with Ms Kanthi D Suresh, Editor-in-Chief, of Power Sportz. Here are the excerpts. How significant do you think celebrating daughters day, is, for a Woman, today?Any celebration which brings people together to bond is welcome. If celebrating daughters day is doing the same, so be […]


Power Sportz about to launch its League Business

After successfully penetrating more than 100 countries, Power Sportz is on the cusp of branching into another area of operation, which is the launch of its league business.  While fans are harping about the news of a new political channel to be started by Ms. Kanthi D Suresh, the Editor-in-chief of Power Sportz, there is […]


You would love these facts about Ms. Kanthi D Suresh!

On Friday, ABOUT INSIDER shared a video featuring some wonderful facts about the Editor-in-Chief and Co-owner of Power Sportz, Ms. Kanthi D Suresh. The video is trending quite a lot now, as the fans are finding the video very interesting. Ms. Kanthi is not an ordinary personality, she possess unique abilities and great qualities that […]


Talking Turkey with Kanthi, not going on air, confirms Power Sportz

The flagship show of the channel, Talking Turkey with Kanthi, helmed by the founder and Editor-in-Chief, Ms Kanthi D Suresh, is not going on air this friday. The news has been all over that Power Sportz is testing its new global software as it wants to get into live broadcast of matches, globally. The first […]


The game changer is set to change the game once again! Catch Kanthi D Suresh on BBC #WorkLifeIndia

The game changer is set to change the game once again! Catch Kanthi D Suresh, the Editor-in-Chief, Power Sportz on BBC #WorklifeIndia. Tonight, BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation), the world’s oldest and the largest broadcaster is going to broadcast Ms. Kanthi D Suresh on BBC World Service, on its live show, #WorkLifeIndia It seems that the […]

Talking Turkey - Kanthi D Suresh

As Team India Plays Pink ball game, BCCI and IOA seems to Play some other Game Altogether

The Team India however has started playing its debut day-night pink ball test in Eden Gardens, Kolkata on Friday, even the city seems to be painted pink to mark the historic occasion, but everything does not seem to be in the Pink of health in Indian Sports. It seems the Editor-in-Chief and founder of Power […]

Bookie Confession on Power Sportz

Match fixing seems to be raising its ugly head in India once again – An Exclusive Report by Power Sportz

Yeah, it may be shocking for many, but the truth is match fixing is raising its ugly head in India once again. And once again it is “Talking Turkey with Kanthi” who brought the issue in the limelight that too with a proof this time. Power Sportz, since its inception is bringing forth all the […]


How does Talking Turkey get its information?

The signature talk-show of Power Sportz, “Talking Turkey with Kanthi” has completed 70 episodes so far, and is going to hit 100 by April 2020. Every episode broaches a subject that is intrinsically linked and paramount to Indian sports, its athletes and the numerous associations. Every episode hammers home a point, analyzing an angle that […]

Image Credit: Power Sportz ICC World Cup 2019 - Kanthi D Suresh and Cricket Legends)

It is raining glory for Power Sportz

As the world’s first live web TV on sports, Power Sportz is passing through a great phase, as the channel has started gaining all-round validation. The untiring hard work and dedication put into building the sports channel are receiving wide-spread appreciation and recognition. Although it is a labor of love for Kanthi D Suresh, the […]

Kanthi D Suresh

Has BCCI become a National Sports Federation after coming under NADA?

After resisting and remaining antagonistic in coming under the ambit of NADA for so long, BCCI has finally relented and is now under the purview of the National Anti Doping Agency. The autonomous cricket body was apprehensive that coming under NADA would curtail their freedom. Hence, they evaded nibbling the bait for close to a […]