The game changer is set to change the game once again! Catch Kanthi D Suresh, the Editor-in-Chief, Power Sportz on BBC #WorklifeIndia.

Tonight, BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation), the world’s oldest and the largest broadcaster is going to broadcast Ms. Kanthi D Suresh on BBC World Service, on its live show, #WorkLifeIndia

It seems that the New Year is bringing all the best opportunities to the Editor-in-Chief of Power Sportz, Kanthi D Suresh. Just a month back the year 2020 began, and she has all the good reasons to celebrate the good time. 

Kanthi, who is famously known for being the first woman to start India’s first Digital Live Sports News Channel, is going to be telecasted on the World’s oldest and largest International News Platform. 

To be invited on the platform like BBC, is a matter of pride not only for the person, but also for the nation to which he/she belongs. Kanthi D Suresh possesses all the qualities to be recognized on the platforms, nationally and internationally as well, probably she is the first woman in the world to be heading a sports channel which has traditionally and historically been a mainstay of the males.

Kanthi is popularly known to be a game changer and her appearance on the Power House of Media, BBC  is going to be an additional feather on her hat. 

It will be interesting to see her on BBC tonight at 9pm after her own interesting show, Talking Turkey with Kanthi, at 8pm.

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