How does Talking Turkey get its information?

The signature talk-show of Power Sportz, “Talking Turkey with Kanthi” has completed 70 episodes so far, and is going to hit 100 by April 2020. Every episode broaches a subject that is intrinsically linked and paramount to Indian sports, its athletes and the numerous associations. Every episode hammers home a point, analyzing an angle that Indian sports may be reeling under.

Re-trending of a recent episode

The episode on BCCI elections on Talking Turkey with Kanthi evoked amazing reactions from viewers making it ‘trend’ again on social media. Like always, the predictions made on the show were precise and the series of events that followed were what Kanthi and the panel anticipated.

The abrasive relationship of the state associations with the committee of administrators would be vital to the elections. This is what the show predicted. A few days later, eight state bodies were barred from attending the BCCI AGM.

Is it the R&D of the show or access to classified information?

But, what constitutes the fulcrum of a show that triggers some ground action or a knee-jerk reaction—almost always?

Is it the conscientiously picked topic, the assiduous execution, or the gifted skills of Kanthi D Suresh in conducting a debate-show, extracting the most crucial information from an acclaimed panel of guests every week?

We believe, it is a combination of several factors, such as passion, hard work, articulation of the Editor-in-chief Kanthi D. Suresh. It is also largely due to her strong network in the alleys of power, right from the day Power Sports was launched.