You would love these facts about Ms. Kanthi D Suresh!

On Friday, ABOUT INSIDER shared a video featuring some wonderful facts about the Editor-in-Chief and Co-owner of Power Sportz, Ms. Kanthi D Suresh. The video is trending quite a lot now, as the fans are finding the video very interesting.

Ms. Kanthi is not an ordinary personality, she possess unique abilities and great qualities that make others look up to her as a great example who has brought a big change by entering the industry that was purely dominated by males for many decades now. Ms. Kanthi has something charming about her personality that attracts attention automatically. And her determination to do things is the reason that she could go so far in such little time.

Undoubtedly, she believes in fearless journalism, without getting influenced by anybody in the industry, She presents TRUTH to her audience, with a touch of creativity. Probably that’s the reason she has earned both respect and fame in the industry in such a short span. 

However, there are some wonderful facts about her that you will definitely love to know for sure, but for those facts you will need to watch this video……. You will be enticed!