Media advisor Qassim Abdulkarim announced participation in the campaign to develop the Arab press, which is expected to be launched during the coming period in Iraq.

The journalist, member in Arab Journalists Union, and Iraqi Journalists Syndicate Qassim Abdulkarim, said that participating in the campaign to develop the Arab press is motivated by his keenness to establish a structure appropriate to the foundations and frameworks of the Arab press, which has been weakening during the previous period.

He added that the Arab press relies heavily and uses modern tools in the press, but it lacks training and education, noting that the development of the Arab press starts from developing the journalist himself.

He advised those in the official and private newspapers to pay close attention to training, education and the development of tools used in either the print or digital press.

It is reported that Qassim Abdulkarim is a journalist and media consultant.

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